Summary: Sun-fire system controller password - revisited:

From: Truax, Bruce (GE Commercial Finance, NonGE) <>
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 10:21:57 EST

Since I received only 1 response (who was asking me to pass on any information
on this), I believe that it is safe to assume that Sun did disable the process
of clearing the system controller's password. I did have to back track through
my vendor for the password.

Thanks again and happy and safe holiday's to all

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I have a new issue to this problem. I used the process described in a previous
post on here: Summary: 6800 Password unlock procedure - Tue Aug 12 15:27:08
EDT 2003 by Glenn May. I have used it before with success. I have a new (used)
system here and the process of clearing the SC password is not working. The
only difference I can find is that the firmware level is 5.17.1 as compared to
my last one at 5.13.1. I heard from a somewhat reliable source that sun may
have disabled this feature in the 5.17.? Rev of the firmware. Will I have to
contact my vender and see if they can retrace back to the original owner for
the password or is there a way to make it work on this version?

Thanks in advance
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