SUMMARY: DEC-423/MMJ adapter to serial consolemanagement port on SUN-V440 - adapter required

From: Miller, Tony, VF DCS <>
Date: Fri Aug 27 2004 - 07:56:21 EDT
Thanks to those whol replied including:

"Dvhr, Markus ICC-H" []

Unfortunetly Markus' email was in German and I cant read any German.  Joe
kindly volunteered to see if he could find any for me.

What we actually need are an RJ12<-->RJ12 cable plus an RJ12<-->MMJ connector
block.  The DEC part numbners are:

17-03511-04 - "RJ12 to RJ12 cable"
12-43346-01 - "RJ12 to MMJ Block Coupler"

I have placed an order with our supplier for 20.

Thanks everybody for your help.

regards - T

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Subject: Help required : DEC-423/MMJ adapter to serial consolemanagement
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Can anybody help...

I have a serial cable with what I believe is a DEC-423/MMJ connector plug on
the end (this is the RJ45 STYLE plug with the offset locator pin often used
old DEC boxes) used to control the console on a SUN E450 host system.  The
(if that is what it is) plugs into a 25-way adapter plug which plugs into the
25 way port on the E450.

I need to reuse this cable (I cant get to the source end to replace it) to
connect to the serial management port on a SUN V440 server.  This is an RJ45
port.  I don't want to go down the route of crimping on a new RJ45 plug if at
all possible.

Does anybody provide a connector which will take the MMJ on the IN side and
provide RJ45 on the output side?  If so do you know of a supplier and/or part
number within the UK??

This is exactly similar to the old "DecConnect Office Cable" that used to
with HSJ/G DEC disk controllers.

Many thanks - Tony

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