Summary: question on put netcool in jumpstart

From: Roy Lo <>
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 21:32:03 EDT
Apparently, my company uses a "heavy" modified custom jump start
(modified by my boss), so I had to do something that is completely
different than standard. (Had to change a custom conf file he wrote and
update "his" script)

Anyways, I feel that I should still summarize the answer that I got
from Mr. Darren Dunham (Thank you sir).

Question 1, Add a software in to the current jumpstart configuration.
(for auto installation of it)
>> 1.) create my own sun package of it and add a line in profile like:
>>  package                 NameOfMyPackage add

Unfortunately that doesn't work out of the box.  The packages that can
be added there depend on a table of contents file that lists the ones on
the CD.  Yours isn't there.

>>2.) I can put a install script in to the final script
Much easier.

Question 2, Which is the Standard way for doing so
>Here is my question, which way is the "standard" way of doing it?

Finish script.
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