SUMMARY - Assigning "root" privileges to a user

From: Santomauro, Deborah <>
Date: Thu Feb 12 2004 - 10:34:13 EST
Many thanks to the following:
Allan West
Andrew Caines
Asif Iqbal
David Booth
Mitchell Bruntel
William Cole
Debbie Tropiano
And the list continues to grow as so many others were willing to take the
time out to respond.  So if your name is not listed, it is not on purpose,
but a big hearty thanks to you all :o)

I'm going to use the recommendations provided by Chad Johnson and David
Booth which is basically to create an alias for the user and then allow him
all of root's privileges with the exception of a certain few. This is what
Chad and David said:

(from Chad)
use sudo, but allow the user to execute a shell.  Here is an example of what
we have:

User_Alias	FULLTIMERS=user1,user2,user3....

This allows user1,user2,user3... to do 'sudo ksh' and have root perms, but
not to change root's pw.

(from David)
The only suggestion I can make is that you define what they are NOT allowed
to do as a separate command group alias in sudoers, then assign them
"ALL=ALL, !FORBIDDEN" where the FORBIDDEN command group is  the ones you
want to exclude...

Obviously FORBIDDEN should include su, passwd, rlogin, rsh, ssh and all

Original question:
> Gurus,
> I've looked at both RBAC and SUDO but neither one really appears to be 
> the answer to my problem.  I have a user who was given "root" (this 
> was done under heavy protest but to no avail) on a Sun box (Solaris 
> 8-Sun Fire 280).
> What I need to do is:
> 1. continue to allow this user to have root privileges
> 2 not allow the user to change root's password or
> 3. to be able to log onto other systems on the network as root.
> Since this is a single system, sudo would work well BUT the sudoers 
> file would end up being horribly long and difficult to maintain. Is 
> there another way of doing what is needed or perhaps someone already 
> has an existing sudoers file that may fit my needs?

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