SUMMARY : Assigning T3+ IP without rebooting ?

From: Sebastien Daubigne <>
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 11:01:41 EST
Thanks to David Livingston, Tim Chipman, Grzegorz Bakalarski, Carl Ma.

General consensus is that T3 will only RARP at boot (during the first 60
seconds according to Tim).
Simpliest solution is to connect to console port (same cable as V480 serial
cable), and to configure manually.

To quote David's answer :
set ip
set netmask

Yes, if it is a T3+ the console cable is the same as the RJ45-ported Sun
servers. For a T3A, it is some other bizarre 6-pin pinout.

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I apologize for this repost, but we've had a large email server nightmare,
and each potential answer was probably lost before I had any chance to get
If someone would have replied to my question, could you be kind enough to
send it again ?

Here was the question :

We currently have a Sun T3+ which is not connected to the network.
We're going to connect it soon : is there any chance that the T3 could get
its IP (via RARP) without rebooting the T3, when the cable will be plugged,
or are we forced to reboot it ?

Another question :  Is the T3+ console connector pinout (RJ45) the same as a
Sun Fire V480 ?

Thank you.
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