MOTD issue - Summary

From: Geon Reuben <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 15:15:44 EST
This was happening because both the /etc/profile and /etc/.login file were
spitting out the MOTD. I commented out the one in /etc/profile. It is fine
now. I don't see the MOTD when I su to root which is how it should behave.
Thanks for all you helped. I was logging in via ssh and PrintMOTD parameter
was already commented out. 


Hi guys, this might be a simple issue but i
figure it out. I recently
created the /etc/motd file
with a warning.
However, whenever I log into the
server, the warning appears twice. Why is the
of the day displayed
twice during my initial login?
Subsequently, when
I su to root I the MOTD is
displayed once. I don't have a /etc/issue
file. I am
running solaris 8.
Your insights would be helpful. 

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