SUMMARY: Added CPUs to V480

From: Maddox, Andrew <>
Date: Thu Sep 02 2004 - 10:33:47 EDT
Thanks to many respondents whose e-mails I don't still have, my problem is

Suggestions included:
1 - check the system's OBP level 
2 - do more troubleshooting on the boards, swapping out the old one to see
if the system would boot with just the new one, etc, might just be a bad
3 - check the revision level on the CPUs, looking for a sticker on the side
of the board - different CPU revisions, with the same model & speed, may not

The system's OBP is indeed current, that wasn't the problem. I had a
combination of 2 and/or 3 - I got more maintenance time, pulled the original
board and attempted to boot with just the new one, and it didn't work.

So, had the vendor send a new board, trying to explain the CPU revision
level concept to them unsuccessfully. However, the new board was closer in
revision level to the original, and the second (longer) ID number on the
side, which I think refers to the board itself, did match to the first 5
digits (another suggestion someone made to look for). Swapped parts around a
couple of times, got the system to recognize the additional board first,
then reconfigured with both boards, all CPUs and memory installed, and a
normal reboot -r later I'm up and running.

So when buying added CPUs for systems, especially refurbs/used, be *very*
picky about all the serial numbers and part numbers and revision levels you
can find. They do seem to matter, despite Sun's lack of warning about this.

Thanks all, everything's happy now.


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Subject: Added CPUs to V480

Okay, I have a V480 here that I just installed a second CPU board into, to
bring it up to 4 CPUs and 16GB of memory. Did the extended POST, a
reconfigure reboot, and I'm not seeing them in mpstat, prtdiag, or any other

Prtdiag -v does show them down in the temperature section, at 0 degrees C,
so the hardware is connected but not active.

What'd I do wrong? Seems to me the last time I added a CPU to a system, I
just had to shut it down, reboot -- -r, and everything automagically came

The CPU speeds do match, all 900MHz, the memory looked like it's installed
correctly, but the OS doesn't want anything to do with the new hardware.

I'm sure it's something stupid, so what'd I forget?

Thanks in advance, etc...

Andrew F. Maddox, Unix Systems Engineer
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