SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6, gzip and largefiles

From: Peter Stokes <>
Date: Tue May 18 2004 - 02:47:09 EDT
Hi All

First as ever, excellent response a big thank you to all who replied.

Just to clarify (I realised from the questions that I did not mak myself 100% clear), that I was using exactly the same binary of gzip on both systems

What I did not say (hindsight et al) is that I was using it as follows

ufsdump 0f - <partition>|(gzip -c - > <somefile>)

Thanks must go to Darren Dunham and Mark Wiederspahn whoc correctly suggested I look at the shell I was using.

It was bash on both systems, but the failing one had two versions 2.00 and 2.05 and the 2.00 was the one I
used for testing by accident. I uninstalled it and ran the 2.05 as per the working system and all is well.

One point to note is that it was also suggested that earlier versions of Solaris (before 9) can produce rubbish .gz files.

Anyone seen this and have recommendations as I cannot upgrade to 9.

Thanks again


Original Question

.Hi All

I have a little conundrum which I hope someone can throw some light on.

I have two Sol 6 systems (different versions of 6 which I am guessing is
related to the problem).

One is U60/450Mhz and the other a U10/333Mhz.

All partitions are largefile mounted and I can create >2Gb files on both
with ufsdump/mkfile etc, but when I try to use gzip (the same pkg file
installed on both) it will only let me create >2GB files on the U60, not
the U10. Any clues what to look for?

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