Summary: Interface does not come up

From: Andreas Hoeschler <>
Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 06:18:55 EDT
Dear managers,

thanks for the overwhelming response again. 
suggested to put the ifconfig line in the rc3.d directory. This most 
likely would have worked, since I could plump up the interface manually 
after reboot without a problem. However, most others recommended to use 
hostnames (versus ipaddresses) in /etc/hostname.XXX and have 
corresponding entries in /etc/hosts. It seems that the scripts that run 
at bootup get confused and do not plump up the interfaces automatically 
if they not not have a hostname for the ipaddresses.

Thanks a lot!



> we have purchased a SunFire 240 with these four interfaces bge0 - bge3.
> I configured a specific ipaddress/net for bge2 but it does not come up
> during a reboot (no entry in "netstat -rn"). I can manually plump up
> the interface with
> 	ifconfig bge2 broadcast netmask
> plumb up
> It appears in "netstat -rn" and can be used. I don't understand why the
> system does not automatically plumps it up. I have
> /etc/hostname.bge2:
> /etc/netmasks:
> This seems ok to me. I have removed /etc/defaultrouter. What else can I
> check?
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