Summary: Extra-Cannot upgrade to Solaris 9 from 8 with current DiskSuite 4.2.1 installed

From: Anne NGUYEN <>
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 00:22:01 EDT

Firstly I'd like to sincerely thank to All below Who
replied my problem.

"Larry Jackson"
"Michael-John Anthony""David
Foster""Matthew Stier""Darren Dunham""Janssens Michael""Tim Chipman"
chipman@ecopiabio.comBroun, Bevan"

Their comments/Guideline below are valuable & pointed
me to where I will try to do in the next upgrade.

You can not upgrade the Operating System using the
standard method while running a Logical Volume Manager
(Solstice or Veritas or volume manager).Solution:You
can either convert your meta devices back to standard
disks or leave the meta devices as is and use Live
Live Upgrade is volume manager aware.

You don't need to remove disksuite (specifically, the
metadevices youare using). What the error message
probably is, is that the slice (orpartition) that is
holding your metadb's is too small.Solaris 8 had a
recommendation of a couple of megabytes to be setaside
for metadb's.Solaris 9 recommends at least 25
megabytes be set aside.So, you may need to increase
the size of your metadb slice byrepartitioning it
using format before upgrading to S9. This willinvolve
recreating all your metadevices.
There will be special instructions for upgrading when
Disksuiteis used to mirror your drives. Check out the
Disksuite docsand/or Solaris 9 Advanced Installation
Guide at
I have done 4 upgrade from Sol 8 2/02 to Sol 9 12/03
whit DiskSuite 4.2.1 with no problem.But you must
comment in the /etc/vfstab all disks which are not
local (EMC,...).To be simple, keep only the minimal
vfstab (ex :
/,/usr/var,/export,fd,/proc,swap,...)Normaly, with
this configuration you don't have any problem
My experience with upgrading machines from Solaris 2.6
to Solaris8 which were running disksuite to mirror OS
slices, as well as provide a bit of Raid5 for a data
slice: an absolute YES, disksuite must be both
inactive, uninstalled before you can do an upgrade.I
suspect the same is true for a solaris9 upgrade from
solaris8.My experience was, it is very (!!) important
to have all traces of disksuite gone before doing the
upgrade, otherwise rather unhappy results can
transpire (my first attempt, I had to
restore-from-backup as everything was lost on os
slices .. partially removed disksuite started
re-synching content between old and new slices, made a
real mess).ie,  I had to:-capture output from metastat
so you know how things were configured. Take a copy of
/etc/vfstab too.-edit /etc/vfstab and remove all
references to metadisks ; instead use "real"
(/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 ... type) slices.-take a copy of
/etc/system, then edit the real /etc/system and remove
all MD related lines, usually clearly flagges as such
(near the end of the file typically).  Comment out all
non-critical OS slices at the same time (ie, spare
/data slices, NFS mounts if any,
etc)-Reboot.-Uninstall all packages relating to
disksuite. Reboot.  Just to be paranoid, pop out the
mirror disk - it is an "emergency backup" in case
things go badly with the upgrade-upgrade to solaris9
on the non-mirrored OS slices-when finished, be sure
to install disksuite / Solaris Disk manager (whatever
it is called in sol9)-proceed with "setup from
scratch" new disksuite config, identical to what you
had before essentially.  Only "tricky" bit, IF you had
any raid5 be sure to initialize the SWRaid array such
that it doesn't destroy the contents of the slices
previously defined :-).   A few reboots are required I
expect for this last step.-finally, you are done. 
Phew. ie, IMHO it is a bit of extra hassle. But ... a
necessary evil it seems.


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