SUMMARY: multiple CD-ROMs

Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 08:41:41 EST
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Original question:

I've installed a CD-RW in my Ultra-10 and kept the original player.  Now vold
seems to get confused when I pop something in either one.  I know both units
work because I can kill vold and manually mount both.  Has anyone configured
two (or more) CD players in one unit?  Do I mess with /etc/vold.conf (seems
most likely) or /etc/rmmount.conf?  Do I need to turn off autoshare in

No one seemed interested in this one so I had to slog through it.  Sun
said "this shouldn't be, you must either have a invalid burner or some other
configuration issue." So I pulled the burner, but still couldn't automount a
CD in the original CD device. From there I reloaded (multiple times) the OS.
Funny thing was no matter the hardware configuration  (only original CD
reader, only burner, both, master, slave, etc.) when doing the install the
second disk could not be seen. I was about to come to the conclusion that the
box was broken either on the system board or both devices when the fan on the
PCi card started making noise. Then it dawned on me that I first noticed the
issue AFTER installing the card (which was unconfigured - another story).
Pulled the card, put both CD devices in and viola, automounting worked.
haven't found out what's the deal there but at least I'm back with both CD's.
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