SUMMARY: Post Diag keeps looping

From: Bob Barkhymer <>
Date: Fri Jul 02 2004 - 07:23:57 EDT
Solution: And the winner is ......... Joe Kabbabe who suggested replacing
the clock board. Which I never thought could cause a problem like this even
though I had already narrowed the problem down to a few boards (clock, I/O,
disk) or the backplane.

Thanks to all

Original Question:

Good Morning Sun Managers,

I have a E4500 Server with Solaris 8 installed which will not boot up to the
ok prompt. It was working fine and somebody claims they just rebooted it. We
connected a laptop and ran in diagnostics and it seems looks like the post
diag keeps looping with no error messages. Any suggestions? Settings in
Printenv look okay.


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