SUMMARY: alom console question

From: Mark Scheufele <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 02:57:12 EST

Tony Walsh had the answer to my problem:

This will continue to happen while you are using the NET-MGT port to
access the console and you still allow the serial (aka. Ser MGT) console
to time-out
and 'grab' console ownership (this happens after 60 seconds by default).
The only way around this 'feature' is to set the sc_clitimeout to 0
(zero) or some
value mor suitable to your needs. The drawback of the 'zero' setting is
you won't be able to bypass the sc> login prompt if you forget the
ALOM user password (with out access to root on the OS).

In short, if you use the NET-MGT port to access the ALOM SC or the OS
console, then you will need to use 'console -f' to force write access to
the console.

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I've v210 with ALOM version 1.3. Everytime I try to change from the sc
console to the system console I only get read access because the console
is apparently already in use.

miraculix-sc> console
Console session already in use. [view mode]
Enter #. to return to ALOM.

This is a bit strange as I'm the only user who is logged in at this

username         connection       login time       client IP addr
--------         ----------       ----------       --------------
                 serial           MAR 16 14:03
mscheufe         net-1            MAR 16 13:48

To get access I've to force write access (console -f).

Any help highly appreciated.

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