SUMMARY: JNI card connectivity with IBM ESS

From: Mohammed Sajid <>
Date: Sun Nov 07 2004 - 13:19:17 EST
Hi there,

Hi there,


Thanks to all those who responded to my query. 


As Jeff Barrat suggested I have gone through the IBM HBA support matrix
again and found to my surprise JNI card SG-XPI1FC-JF2 is not supported! I
was under the impression that as JNI 6562 which is the same card but using
JNI native drivers is in the list and hence my card also in the supported.
SGI-XPI1FC-JF2 uses SUN foundation kit driver which is not supported by IBM.


Connected to a   SG-XPI1FC-QF2 which is supported by IBM  and using SAN
foundation kit driver works fine. 


Now, I am facing another problem with one of the SAN file systems. I will
post it as a new issue.




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