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From: Galen Johnson <gjohnson_at_trantor.org>
Date: Fri Aug 06 2004 - 12:34:24 EDT
Thanks to Paul Bovens and Daniel Denes for their quick response.  Paul 
hit what I was looking for on the head so I'm including it for posterity.

Galen Johnson wrote:

> Hey,
> I know I've seen this somwhere but I can't find it now.  How do I:
> a) remove an entire software package and all it's associated packages 
> (ie, Apache)?
> b) configure Jumpstart to not install said packages?
> I know the hard way to do it (use pkginfo, find the packages I want to 
> remove, try to remove it, check the dependencies that crop up, etc) 
> and in jumpstart I know I can explicitly have it do it based on the 
> individual packages.  I recall seeing somewhere a way to remove an 
> entire application (both via jumpstart and with a package removal) but 
> I can no longer find it.  Of course, I could be remembering something 
> from an earlier version of Solaris.
> =G=
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I don't think there is a quick/easy way to remove e.g. Apache except for 
removing the constituent packages with pkgrm.

During installation, you can configure which software gets installed in 
the profile file. To prevent apache from being installed, you could add:

cluster: SUNWCapache delete

Make sure that statement comes after any statements that might -add- it.

One place to find which clusters exist is to look in your jumpstart 
tree: view .../Solaris_9/Product/.clustertoc which contains all the 
cluster and packages. With suitable add/delete statements for clusters 
or individual packages you can fine-tune what gets installed. We  have 
sort of a 'default' prototype which we just edit to turn certain 
features on or of. I've included an example below.

Regards, Paul Boven.

install_type    initial_install
cluster         SUNWCreq
# Language support for our country
geo W_Europe    # Adds NL, be, fr, uk, ir
# Solaris 9 ssh
cluster         SUNWCssh        add
# DiskSuite/SVM
cluster         SUNWCmd         add
cluster         SUNWCmdx        add
# Freeware shells
cluster         SUNWCfwshl      add
# Freeware compression utils
cluster         SUNWCfwcmp      add
cluster         SUNWCfwcmpx     add
# Other freeware stuff
cluster         SUNWCfwutil     add
# CCS tools
package         SUNWbtool       add
package         SUNWbtoox       add
package         SUNWesxu        add
cluster         SUNWCptoo       add
package         SUNWtoo         add
package         SUNWtoox        add
# Manpages
package         SUNWman         add
package         SUNWdoc         add
package         SUNWlibC        add
cluster         SUNWCntp        add
# perl
cluster         SUNWCperl       add
# System Accounting
cluster         SUNWCacc        add
# Apache
cluster         SUNWCapache     add
# Network Services: telnet, tftp, named, rcmd, route, tftp
cluster         SUNWCnsvc       delete
# Telnet client
package         SUNWtnetc       add
# FTP server
package         SUNWftpr        add
package         SUNWftpu        add
# SunScreen 3.2 required
#package                SUNWlibC        add
#package                SUNWlibms       add
#package                SUNWsprot       add
#package                SUNWxwplt       add
#package                SUNWmfrun       add
#package                SUNWloc         add
#package                SUNWxwice       add
#package                SUNWxwrtl       add
#package        SUNWtoo         add
#package                SUNWtoox        add
#package                SUNWeuluf       add
#package                SUNWeulux       add
#package                SUNWj3rt        add
#cluster                SUNWCapch       add
#package                SUNWeu8os       add
#package                SUNWeu8osx      add
#package                SUNWcryr        add
#package                SUNWcryrx       add
# Boot services (rarp, bootparams etc.)
cluster         SUNWCbs         delete
# Kerberos5
cluster         SUNWCkrb5       delete
# NFS Server
cluster         SUNWCnfss       delete
# Nis
#cluster                SUNWCnis        delete
# Audio
package         SUNWauda        delete
#package                SUNWauddx       delete
package         SUNWaudf        delete
# Auto-fs
package         SUNWatfsr       delete
package         SUNWatfsu       delete
# Dumb frame buffer
package         SUNWdfb         delete
package         SUNWdtcor       delete
package         SUNWdtnsc       delete
package         SUNWxwmod       delete
package         SUNWxwdv        delete
package         SUNWxwmox       delete
# Samba
cluster         SUNWCsmba       delete
# Power managment
cluster         SUNWCpm         delete
cluster         SUNWCpmx        delete
cluster         SUNWCpmow       delete
# dtlogin
package         SUNWdtlog       delete
partitioning    explicit
system_type     standalone
# c0t0d0
filesys         c0t0d0s0        1024    /       
filesys         c0t0d0s1        4096    swap
filesys         c0t0d0s3        2048    /var    rw,suid,largefiles,logging
filesys         c0t0d0s4        2048    /opt    rw,suid,largefiles,logging
filesys         c0t0d0s5        1024    /export rw,suid,largefiles,logging
filesys         c0t0d0s7        48
filesys         c0t0d0s6        free    /var/spool rw,largefiles,logging
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