SUMMARY: Automatic installation of packages / drivers

From: Johnson, Chad <>
Date: Mon Apr 12 2004 - 14:11:00 EDT
The sum conclusion seems to be:

1.    Install SUNCWall or/and SUNCWxall just after the flash image is
2.    rm /etc/path_to_inst (as it probably won't contain the correct dev's
2.    Touch /reconfigure (or a reconfigure reboot)

These seemed to work quite well.

I have received multiple persons responding with "touch /reconfigure".  This
is normally fine, but the situation is such that the drivers for the new
system may not exist on the image which is installed onto this new system.
Since these systems are restored with jumpstart / flash install the original
CD images are present at the time of the image load.  If I 'touch
/reconfigure' then reboot, the cd images with all the relavent drivers are not
present and the reconfigure fails.  Normally I did not 'touch /reconfigure', I
just did a boot -r, but it is the same net effect.

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Hello all!

Here is my situation, frequently I have to replicate systems, using jumpstart
/ flash install, from one machine to another, not necesssarily the same class
box.  The majority of the issues I have are quite simple driver issues, but
definatly cost me a lot of time.

My idea is this, when booting to a cd or network image into single user mode
the system which comes up detects the devices and loads the appropriate
drivers.  I would like to do this same soft of thing on a newly restored
system.  Essentially, restore the flash archive onto the disk, then run
'whatever' to detect and load the appropriate drivers.

Even if I cannot load the drives automatically, how could I tell what I need
to load so I can do it later?


Chad Johnson
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