Summary : SVM soft parition with Sun raid manager/ A1000

From: Aseltine, Dick <>
Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 16:26:05 EST
Many thanks to Ken Rossman for making me understand!!

Original Question listed below.

The piece you are missing is that you first need to create a simple
one-"disk" stripe of the entire disk LUN that is presented by the A1000.
THEN you can soft-partition the stripe LUN you just created.  It sounds
maybe a bit redundant or that there is unnecessary overhead, but in the
internal scheme of things within DiskSuite, it makes sense.

So first, set up a hard partition on the A1000 LUN that spans the entire
LUN (e.g. just clone slice 2 onto another slice, e.g. 0)

Next, create a simple stripe of just that one LUN:

  # metainit -f d100 1 1 cMtNd0s0

Then finally, you can create soft partitions from d100:

  # metainit d101 -p d100 XXXmb

etc, etc...

Ken Rossman

Dick Aseltine
CentrePath, Inc.
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Subject: SVM soft parition with Sun raid manager/ A1000

Dick Aseltine
CentrePath, Inc.
phone/fax: 781-902-5134
I have a A1000 attached to a E420 with 5 disk RAID 5 configuration using
the RAID utility. I want to use SVM and soft partitions to carve up the
LUN that was created. I know I can create a soft partition on slices 0-7
but I am under the impression that I'm not bound to 6-7 partition with
SVM Solaris 9.

       0. c0t0d0 <SUN18G cyl 7506 alt 2 hd 19 sec 248>
       1. c0t1d0 <SUN18G cyl 7506 alt 2 hd 19 sec 248>
       2. c1t4d0 <Symbios-StorEDGEA1000-0301 cyl 65533 alt 2 hd 64 sec

I thought I could do the following:

root$ metainit d100 -p -e c1t4d0 130GB
metainit: tokoriki: d100: error opening device under soft partition

root@tokoriki$ metastat d100
d100: Soft Partition
    Device: c1t4d0s0
    State: Creating
    Size: 272629760 blocks (130 GB)
        Device     Start Block  Dbase Reloc
        c1t4d0s0          0     No    Yes

        Extent              Start Block              Block count
             0                        1                272629760

Device Relocation Information:
Device   Reloc  Device ID
c1t4d0   Yes    id1,iver@w600a0b800006e6590000003941893265

At this point I need to metaclear -f d100

If this was successful I was figuring to carve that metadevice up.

What am I missing? Your help is much appreciated!


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