SUMMARY: Does /tmp/ have to be mounted on swap (was: Does the swap have to be mounted onto /tmp/)

From: <>
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 14:41:12 EST
Summary: No it doesn't have to be mounted like that.

#2: One suggestion was that it is probably bad to leave it at the default 
as it can cause a DoS attack by simply using up all space on /tmp/.  This 
is a good point, an if you read my NOTE below, you will see why....

#3: Most of the recommendations suggested to leave it on swap for 
performance reasons, but to limit the amount of space usable by /tmp.

*** NOTE*** : We have an Oracle server with approx 8GB RAM which had two 
kernel panics in the last 60 days.  First time there wasn't enough info in 
the crash-dump, and sun increased the file space for dumps (or something 
to taht effect).  The second dump pointed to the fact that a large file 
had eaten up all space on /tmp/ (i.e. all swap) and caused the kernel to 
panic... which led me to ask this question.

Original Question:
> In reading the sun docs... I don't think it is necessary... except that 
> some cases the performance may be worth-while... can someone give a 
> definitive answer on this?   I've been told by one of our hardware 
> that "Solaris is designed to have swap mounted as /tmp and it cannot be 
> changed"... which I find very odd and I believe it to be incorrect based 

> on Sun's own documentation.
> I've checked the net (google / sun man archives)... and can't seem to 
> a definitive answer to this...

Thank you very much all!

Renny Koshy
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