SUMMARY: Suggestions for IDE DVD Writer on SPARC/Solaris (fwd)

From: Debbie Tropiano <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 2004 - 09:51:46 EST
Hello -

I missed the posting the first time, but would give one bit of warning.

If this is your only CD/DVD device on the system, be sure that it boots
the OS for system (re-)installs and recovery.  We installed some CD-RWs
on our Sun Blade 100 that wouldn't do a CD boot, so had to replace them
with something that would.


Forwarded message:
> Original Question
> ------------
> Any experiences running the new multiformat DVD IDE writers such as the
> Plextor on either Ultra 5/10 or Blade 100/150?
> Looking to buy one and would prefer recommendations for Sol 9 with
> cdrecord etc.
> Responses
> --------
> A few responses, the following were the main ones
> -----
> We've been using the Pioneer A05, internal ATAPI drive within a
> SCSI/ATAPI converter box. Some links:
> We use this with cdrecord and ProDVD (both from the same site), they
> work great.
> We'll be buying a Pioneer A06 multi-format drive soon.
> ----
> I'm using the Sony DRU-510A, which is DVD +/- R & RW and CDRW built in 
> one.  I'm also using it on a Blade 100 and an Ultra 2 (with a ide-scsi 
> converter).  Both computing platforms can boot from cdrom and record 
> DVD's & CD's via XCDRoast (engine is cdrecord or cdrecord-prodvd).  I'm 
> happy with the performance.  The only small problem has been blanking a 
> DVD +RW disk, cdrecord does not fully support this format yet.
> ----
> buy a plextor.  They're always well supported and very high quality.
> ----
> Resulting purchase and experience
> -------------------------
> In the end because we already had one of these on a Windows system and
> it worked well, I bought the Plextor PX-708. Installed in a Ultra 5/400
> running Sol 9 with latest patches, Gnome 2.0 and installed latest
> cdrecord and cdrecord-ProDVD. These all work well (turn off volmgt of
> course) with the exception of mkisofs having no support for largefiles
> yet. I also have cdrw working to write iso's to CD's, but did not get CD
> copy of CDRW to work. I can also rip music CD's down to mp3/wav files no
> problem. I have only tried DVD_R's at present as they appear to be
> better supported with ProDVD and are cheaper to buy. One recommendation
> I did get from a media seller was to stick with Ritech dyes on DVD-R's
> as apparently not all DVD-R's work with all DVD writers.
> The one major problem I have got is that sometimes when creating an iso
> copy of a cd to disk (IDE disk) I get timeouts on the disk. I used dd to
> get the iso image from the CD, but am not sure if moving to SCSI disks
> will help this. It does not happen every time, but is annoying.
> Thanks for your responses.
> Peter
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