SUMMARY: NIS+ server - changing NIS emulation

From: Steve Plemmons <>
Date: Tue Jul 27 2004 - 10:08:30 EDT
I only received one response regarding this so this isn't much of a summary,
but this is what I found.  The documentation is out of date and the file
that you need to change is /etc/default/rpc.nisd.  This works in that when
you type nisstat on the server it confirms that emulation is turned on.
Rpc.nisd is running with the -Y option and I can even do a ypcat on the
client machine to view the content of the NIS+ tables.  The one problem left
is that the password object has to have read permissions set for the nobody
group.  Without this, users cannot authenticate on the NIS client.

Does anyone know how to set these permissions correctly?  I'm hesitant to
start messing around with permissions unless I know that I am doing the
correct thing.


Steve Plemmons

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> Subject: NIS+ server - changing NIS emulation
> I've got a Solaris 9 box running as a NIS+ server with NIS emulation
> turned
> off.  I would like to turn NIS emulation on without re-installing NIS+.
> The
> Solaris 9 documentation says to uncomment the line:
> In the /etc/init.d/rpc file.
> This sounds easy enough, but when I look at my /etc/init.d/rpc file this
> line is nowhere to be found.
> I even did a temporary install on an extra box and turned NIS emulation on
> during the installation.  Emulation worked, but this line was still
> non-existent in the rpc file.
> Does anyone know how to turn NIS emulation on correctly without a
> re-install?
> I will summarize.
> Thanks,
> Steve Plemmons
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