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From: Donovan, Jeffrey (Jeff), ALABS <>
Date: Tue Aug 10 2004 - 13:36:18 EDT
Thanks to all that responded:

Gary Paveza
Neal Quiogue
Thomas Payerle
Greg Moeller
Robert Kracke
William Cole
Brian Gerard

Solution was even though I had full paths to the scp command, scp calls ssh2
to do the copy and I had to include the PATH to /usr/local/bin in my cron
script to get to it.

Thanks again to all who responded, this is a great resource!

*  Jeff Donovan
*  AT&T Labs Infrastructure

Hi all,

A little off topic, but I am trying to pull files from a Sun server
running openssh 3.7 by initiating scp from a Sun server running
2.3. I know there are compatibility problems using scp initiated from
openssh to, but this is the other way. Moreso, I can run the scp
from the command line okay, it bombs from cron. This is what I am
getting from the scp command with the -v option from cron:

+ /usr/local/bin/scp server_name:/opennetconfg/20040809

Executing ssh2 failed. Command:' ssh2 -x -a -o passwordprompt %U@%H's
password: -o nodelay yes -o authenticationnotify yes server_name -s
sftp' System error message: 'No such file or directory'

scp: warning: child process (ssh2) exited with code 255.

I cant figure out what missing file or directory this error is pointing
to. The scp/sftp commands are in roots path. Any suggestions would be

Jeff Donovan

AT&T Infrastructure Team
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