[SUMMARY]V210 & Sun XVR-100 Video card

From: alan <arcarbut_at_adams.edu>
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 13:35:52 EST
Here's the original post:

Hi all,

I've acquired 3 new V210's and I have installed the XVR-100 video card
into the available PCI slot.  I've just completed the solaris 9
installation through the serial management port.  I installed the video
drivers and I am still getting no video.  Any thoughts?  I'm stuck and I
guess I'm not googling on the magic answer yet.

I guess I should have checked the obvious.  Thanks to all who replied.
The solution was checking the settings in the PROM, particularly the
input-device and the output-device.  The fix was:
from the OK prompt:
setenv output-device screen
setenv input-device keyboard

as root in Solaris:

eeprom output-device screen
eeprom input-device keyboard

I guess that's one to grow on.  Look for the obvious.  Thanks guys and
gals for a great list.
Alan Carbutt
Systems Administrator/Programmer
Adams State College

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