SUMMARY: Flashing FCode to QLogic 2100 PCI

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Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 09:26:47 EST
Hello, *,

I found it out by myself. All you need to do is to install Solaris 7 (in
which the luxadm is dumb enough to flash every binary file to the card),
take the latest firmware patch and flash it. Of course, you have to have the
SUNWifp package installed and the entry "ifp pci1077,2100" in the

To make luxadm recognize the QLogic 2100F-Card, you have to fake the entry
in /devices/pci@...

Normaly, you have a /devices/pci@4,4000/scsi@2:devctl. Rename this to
/devices/pci@4/SUNW,ifp@2:devctl (path may vary) and luxadm will be able to
flash it with luxadm qlgc_s_download.


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> Hi Sunmanagers,
> did anybody sucessfully flash Sun's FCode to a native QLogic QLA2100F PCI
> Card and thus, make it a SUNW,ifp (aka FC100/P, Loop-Only) card?
> I'm 100% sure that those cards are electronically the same, and the only
> difference is the FCode and - maybe - the contents of the NVRAM of the
> But I don't get it work.
> I did already flash the ifp2100.prom code from patch 109399-03 to the
> but the OBP still recognises the card as a scsi controller. So, where is
> information that it's a SUNW,ifp???
> Any advice? Of course, I will summarize.
> Peter
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