[SUMMARY] Anyone have CD->MP3 software for sparc sol 9?

From: Peter Stokes <peter_at_ashlyn.co.uk>
Date: Tue Feb 17 2004 - 04:59:46 EST
Original Question


Hi All

I have looked most places I can think of and cannot find any rip/encode
to MP3 software so I can get my audio CD's to MP3 on my Ultra 10.

Anyone have experience of such software?


First, thanks to all who replied, too many to list I am afraid.

General consensus was use cdda2wav to rip the CD to wav file, then lame to convert to mp3. paranoia was also suggested
 as a conversion to mp3.

As a graphical front end Grip was suggested.

I installed cdda2wav as part of cdrtools (an old version is also included in the companion CD from memory)
 lame. I tried to install Grip (source only), but due to missing library headers it would not compile and I do not have the time 
to sort it at present. Instead I created a simple script which rips to /tmp and then creates the mp3 files in a sub directory
 of the artist.

Suggested websites were 

Sun Country http://alanpae.tripod.com/
Authorized Mirror http://resources.solaris-x86.org
Site Map http://alanpae.tripod.com/sitemap.htm


This promises to be ported to Solaris RSN.

cdda2wav should work, though perhaps with lesser error correction:


This appears to also be bundled with the excellent cdrecord tools:




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