Sunmanagers-summaries By Author

AuthorSubject Date
'Chip Paswater'
 SUMMARY: Off-Topic: Spammers targeting members of "Sunmanagers"09 May 2003
 Summary: OT: Brocade Switch Question17 Mar 2003
Aaron Taylor
 SUMMARY[2]: Sun Rays stuck at 26D17 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun Rays stuck at 26D17 Sep 2003
Abdallah Hamdy
 SUMMARY:New file system23 Jun 2003
 Summary: NIS+ and LDAP - Single sign on16 May 2003
Abhilash V M
 Summary : Sun Cluster 3.0 Vs VCS13 Feb 2003
 Summary:TCP Wrappers09 Jan 2003
accy guy
 Summary : /dev/random problem03 Nov 2003
 Summary : frag size08 Oct 2003
 Summary :shell question02 Sep 2003
Achim Bohnet
 SUMMARY: StorEdge StorEdge T3: RAID5 still fault tolerant after disk problem?22 Sep 2003
Adam and Christine Levin
 SUMMARY: A1000 breaking mirrors and mounting17 Dec 2003
 [SUMMARY] third party disk silo, can't see disks07 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: jumpstarting sun fire v24022 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Hardware question: V240 and HBAs (fwd)05 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: confirmation of a theory (regarding A3500 disks) (fwd)30 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: weird metadevice problem25 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: solaris 8 patch upgrade -- no more tape devices03 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY Re: quick console question (I hope)10 Jan 2003
Adam Bisbe
 SUMMARY: error on warning about duplicate hardware address01 Jul 2003
Adam Bracewell
 SUMMARY: 3rd Party disks in V10030 Dec 2003
Adam Mazza
 [SUMMARY] problem installing flash image on v240 that doesn't contain DVD drive18 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart version question24 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Strange cron behavoir04 Aug 2003
Adam Ronthal
 SUMMARY: SSH RSA Key Authentication on Solaris01 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Solstice Disk Suite Upgrade13 Jan 2003
Admins home
 [SUMMARY]: Automount/NIS fail over18 Nov 2003
Adrian Phipps (AC)
 SUMMARY: Wrong netmask entry on interface14 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Ndd Faq13 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: NFS mount directory17 Sep 2003
 [SUMMARY] SunBlade 100 won't boot w/o keyboard24 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: new v25024 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY Re: root and users' paths in /etc/default/login on Solaris 9 ignored18 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: san / nas, sun and oracle 9i15 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: in.rarpd problem with jumpstart20 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: LOM, tip and alternative break -- surely this can't be right11 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Netscape / iPlanet Directory Server09 Jan 2003
Ahmed, Tony
 SUMMARY: Automatic startup after powerfailer10 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Squid - transparent caching ?05 May 2003
Al Lilianstrom
 Summary - Netra T1 Memory Source07 May 2003
Alan Aldrich
 Summary: RE: setting up a network install server20 Jun 2003
Alan Bradley - CPX WC
 SUMMARY: OT - question25 Mar 2003
 PARTIAL SUMMARY: Urgent NFS mount problem - NFS fsstat failed for server27 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Journal File System for Solaris / quick fsck recover23 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Accessing NFS directory slows machine down22 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Server paging heavily - suggestions to fix?22 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: E420R maximum possible memory07 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart not working after changing IP address06 Jan 2003
Alan Carbutt
 [SUMMARY] /etc/automaster18 Jul 2003
Alan Miller (EED)
 SUMMARY: Patching jumpstart11 Feb 2003
Alan Pae
 Summary: Slightly OT Sun Certificate Server04 Dec 2003
 Long Summary: Kerberos Questions30 Oct 2003
 Summary: VPN Software08 May 2003
 Re: Summary: VPN Software09 May 2003
 Summary to Summary Sun Cluster Download error26 Feb 2003
 Summary: Slightly OT - SQL Question12 Feb 2003
Alan Scott
 Summary Suncluster 3 And NTP15 May 2003
 Summary: Creating Volumes in Volume Manager.11 Jun 2003
 Summary Oracle 9i RAC on Suncluster 3. Startup Scripts29 May 2003
Alan Sparks
 SUMMARY: routing from a specific interface30 Jul 2003
Alek O. Komarnitsky (N-CSC)
 SUMMARY: ce Gigaswift driver fails to set infinite_burst=1 on second Gigabit card12 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Why is FTP to localhost slower on Solaris2.9 than 2.8?12 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Why doesn't prtdiag return temperature information available via lom?11 Apr 2003
Ales Mahdal
 RE: SUMMARY - Reboot of the server after disconnection of the console terminal19 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY - Reboot of the server after disconnection of the console terminal19 Jun 2003
Alessandro Maestri
 SUMMARY: Problem with Veritas06 Aug 2003
alex avriette
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 on SIPRNET05 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Bug in _XData32 from /usr/lib/64/ ?23 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: How to add additional packages to the server?13 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart rules not seen by install client08 Feb 2003
Alex Dyas
 [Summary] - Jumpstart client hang at whoami09 Oct 2003
Alex J. Avriette
 NON SUMMARY: Re: 'some logger thread(s) are stuck' crash...?08 Dec 2003
Alex Pokras
 SUMMARY: CDE not starting in Sol9 after patch bundle installation16 Jun 2003
Alex Stade
 SUMMARY2: scp on windows slow07 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: scp slow with windows and solaris04 Oct 2003
Alex Theodore
 [Summary] Slow XDMCP logins21 Feb 2003
Alexander Frost
 Summary: Ultra 80 and Solaris 2.6 (still has issues)06 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: What is up with /home12 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY RE: ARP/RARP JumpStart issue06 May 2003
 SUMMARY: ARP/RARP JumpStart issue05 May 2003
 Summary: Having the second Lan adapter show up14 May 2003
Alexander Sarreiter
 (partial) SUMMARY Strange errors from ls and find10 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: FTP Solaris x ftp AIX15 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: OpenSSH and Solaris PAM30 Sep 2003
Allen Belk
 SUMMARY: Network config for bastion host, NOT router23 Jun 2003
Amit Arora
 Summary: Sparc 20 keeps rebooting with fatal system fault: sipr=4000000011 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: How to turn off CPU29 Nov 2003
 RE: Root Passwd Recovery [SUMMARY}26 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Suggestions On Sun Machine13 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Multiple HME in Ultra229 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY- Problems Installing PatchPro on Solaris 8 - SUMMARY08 Apr 2003
Anatoliy Lisovskiy
 SUMMARY: Ultra 10 and 80 GB HDD26 Nov 2003
 PRE-Summary // En:sendmail and named13 Oct 2003
 Summary : En:show dvd28 May 2003
Andre Godin
 SUMMARY: Sending attachements - email12 Jun 2003
Andre R. Kruger
 SUMMARY: moving drives from one E450 to another ... Oracle is toastDate:01 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: How to force a Ultra 1 in 64 bit mode09 Jan 2003
Andreas Hoeschler
 Summary: Programmatically receiving emails18 Dec 2003
 Summary: Running multiple domains (postfix instances) on one IP-address02 Oct 2003
 Summary: Undeleting Files18 Sep 2003
 Summary: Watchdog Script08 Sep 2003
 Summary: Cannot find ELF20 Aug 2003
 Summary: Checking usage of second CPU on a SunFire 280R07 Aug 2003
 Summary: SunFire 280R boot problem07 Jul 2003
 Summary: Parsing a script whenever a user logs in05 Jul 2003
 Summary: Booting from disk mirror with Solstice DiskSuite27 Jun 2003
 Summary: Connecting to a SunFire 280R26 Jun 2003
 Summary: Determining who consumes disk space14 May 2003
 Summary: find problem14 May 2003
 Summary: /etc/mnttab is gone19 Mar 2003
 Summary: Creating user accounts13 Mar 2003
 Summary: cron job fails (expect, rsync)13 Mar 2003
 Summary: Setting $PATH18 Feb 2003
 Summary: Routing with Netra X1 (Solaris 8)17 Feb 2003
 Summary: Killing process does not work21 Jan 2003
Andreas Klemm
 SUMMARY Sun V210 and V240 resets spontaneously within jumpstart postinstall script26 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY (2): Sun V210 and V240 resets spontaneously within jumpstart postinstall script27 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: automatic package installation of software fails (Sol8 / jumpstart / Startscript)11 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY (was: Sun stopped rollout of SunFire V210 and V240 ...)06 Jun 2003
Andres Martinez
 SUMMARY: HOWTO restrict cd command18 Nov 2003
Andres Rojas
 SUMMARY: Fibre channel card on a E450.07 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY - Weird behavior when running snoop (sort of)05 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: dev_seek error during ufsdump20 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: TCP/IP ports question.05 Feb 2003
Andrew (
 SUMMARY: Boot to command promt from network boot server (netrax1 )18 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Boot Solaris(Sparc) from Solaris (Intel) boot server09 May 2003
 SUMMARY: (II) CDE desktop on VNC viewer02 May 2003
 SUMMARY: CDE desktop on VNC viewer30 Apr 2003
Andrew J Caines
 SUMMARY: SunFire V100 LOM password recovery / account removal / reset19 Nov 2003
Andrew Luande
 Summary: Setting the keep alive parameter at boot15 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: problem with VNC-X on solaris 820 Jan 2003
 summary: Installing oracle on netra runnign solaris8 with not mo nitor17 Jan 2003
 summary: Oracle question17 Jan 2003
Andrew Watkins
 SUMMARY: E450 and 73GB or 36GB disk26 Nov 2003
Andrew Williamson - Fujitsu
 SUMMARY: Id'ing controllers/drives on a t3 array17 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Mount failure - why06 Mar 2003
 Summary: Equivalient of Stop-a on a wyse terminal (update)05 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Sunfire V100 and Netra T1 crash when un/plugging console10 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: path_to_inst and V88025 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Printing TIFF Images20 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Path Not Followed05 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Automount Busted04 Mar 2003
Andy Lee
 SUMMARY: Fitting L25 into SunRack 90021 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Problems with sar03 Dec 2003
 Summary : Ufsrestore problems (urgent)11 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Backup problem with Solstice19 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Question about Remote Controlling a SUN15 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Urgent: How to re-initiate a RAID 5 set under Disksuite ?05 May 2003
Angel Alejandro Vega Soto
 SUMMARY: Urgent ! Ultra 1 with with internal disk of E250 not working12 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY : Change the CPUs on a 280R07 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY:   ufsrestore from unknown tape number and unknown tape position02 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY : Printing barcodes on zebra printers14 May 2003
 SUMMARY: [Fwd: E450 URGENT Assistance! not powering up]08 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Downgrade from E450 to e250]18 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY : [Fwd: Netscape webserver and jsp]24 Jan 2003
Angel L. Mateo
 SUMMARY: problem with imp's spanish translation in solaris29 May 2003
 SUMMARY: file size limit26 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: user area used up!31 Jan 2003
anil bindal
 SUMMARY : Server RPC Load increasing19 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY : License locked16 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY : blank display after init 609 Jun 2003
Anshuman Kanwar
 SUMMARY: JASS and patching13 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun Cluster 3.0 -- issues trying to add back a node.04 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: RAID interleave for Solaris Volume Manager30 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: StorEdge RAID 6.22 with solaris 925 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: FW: solaris volume manager config error14 May 2003
 SUMMARY: 280R with additional qlogic HBA08 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris volume manager -- weird metasync30 May 2003
 Resolved: RE: 555 on /home : summary04 Apr 2003
Anthony Firmin
 SUMMARY: Patchadd problem 109147-2523 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Replacing disks in DiskSuite13 Oct 2003
 Summary: Networker Question...11 Jun 2003
 Summary: Finding out kernel parameter settings?14 Apr 2003
Antonia Gomez
 SUMMARY: cpu control23 Jan 2003
Anwar Saadeh
 SUMMARY: Using sed or awk to append a line based on some search criteria30 Jul 2003
Aravind Vinnakota
 SUMMARY: boot problems with /var23 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: boot from mirror14 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY:sysinfo06 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY:Sysinfo15 May 2003
Art Hebert
 Summary: SUNWvts location11 Jun 2003
Arzola, Nelson
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart and DiskSuite for Solaris 9 ix8602 Jun 2003
Aseltine, Dick
 RE: SUMMARY: Network Appliance info03 Nov 2003
 Summary: E420 will not power up08 Jul 2003
 Summary: Async memory fault on Sparc 5 running SunOS 4.1.3_U117 Apr 2003
Ath Kar
 Summary: Booting problem in solaris 8.02 May 2003
Athanasios Douitsis
 SUMMARY: version `SUNW_1.2' not found26 Mar 2003
Azzopardi Konrad
 SUMMARY : RAID 0+129 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY : A1000 connected to two hosts26 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: A1000 not responding02 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Easy way to get line n20 May 2003
Badinter, George
 Summary: E6500 and boot message (DR issues)06 Aug 2003
Baillargeon, Sonny
 SUMMARY: SAN Filesystems25 Nov 2003
 Re: SUMMARY : how to find out the present color depth in ultra-10 solaris-801 Jul 2003
Bala murugan
 SUMMARY: POP3 for x86 solaris12 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: shutdown and reboot mail12 Dec 2003
Baldus, Marc
 Summary: OT: Free RAM to Good Home03 Apr 2003
 Summary: No ftp access27 Feb 2003
 Summary - 64 bit problem07 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Netra T1 won't boot02 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Problems with cloning a disk27 May 2003
Barry Deevey
 SUMMARY: /etc/default/init changes without reboot21 Oct 2003
Bart Terryn
 SUMMARY: remove package from a broken kernel27 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY:wrong IDE disk capacity in sunos 5.621 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: PCMP - Patch Comparison Utility07 Nov 2003
bbb bb
 SUMMARY: [Q] newfs lage partition got warning message15 Oct 2003
Becerril, Mario Henley
 SUMMARY: 64 bits platform09 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY:Add DIMMS memory23 Sep 2003
beginer unix
 SUMMARY: D1000 performances issues with solstice28 May 2003
 SUMMARY: problems backing up swap partition22 Apr 2003
Ben Green
 SUMMARY: Silly Little Question about SETUID18 Jul 2003
Bendriss Elmehdi
 SUMMARY: Openssh 3.6.1 patch and earlier17 Sep 2003
 summary : inetd problem05 Aug 2003
 Summary : a system error (BENDRISS Elmehdi)26 Jun 2003
 how to logout someone after a period of inactivity 2 : SUMMARY 211 Apr 2003
 how to logout someone after a period of inactivity 2 : SUMMARY11 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY : Mounting partition in rw mode07 Mar 2003
Benjamin Minshall
 SUMMARY: Boot Failed on headless Ultra 104 Jun 2003
Benny Anderson
 SUMMARY: StorEdge T3 password reset14 Apr 2003
Bernt Christandl
 SUMMARY: return codes of patchadd15 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: STOP-A via (ssh!) terminalserver?23 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: `df' under solaris-922 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: name of network interface (Sun Fire 480R)?16 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: How to find the cause of my problem?02 Jul 2003
Bertels, Frank
 SUMMARY: problem with "pkginfo" on Solaris 819 Aug 2003
Bhavesh Shah
 SUMMARY: SCSI Parity Error on controller17 Jul 2003
Bibhas Kumar Samanta
 SUMMARY: NIS and passwd expiry02 Jan 2003
Bill Bradford
 SUMMARY: Problem with DLT 4000 tape capacity28 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: E250 rackmount kit specs?06 Jun 2003
Bill Davern
 SUMMARY: Can't see all disk on a A1000 after 64 bit upgrade08 May 2003
Bill Gibbs
 SUMMARY - Sun Fire V100 - disk error25 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 download LOM08 May 2003
Bill R. Williams
 SUMMARY About OpenSSH in (build) & SUNWssh out26 Sep 2003
Bill Voight
 SUMMARY: Changing boot drive on 350003 Feb 2003
Billy Talton
 SUMMARY: Kill a weblogic process holding a port open21 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY - Newbie question - determining the logged in user09 Sep 2003
Bin Chen
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 - reading data between pipes (or is this a /proc question?)23 Sep 2003
 ADDITIONAL INFO: SUMMARY: 9_Recommended error codes (specifically return code 5)05 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: 9_Recommended error codes (specifically return code 5)05 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: iplog 2.2.3 ./configure error with existing libpcap in Solaris 901 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 printer installation03 Jul 2003
 [SUMMARY] ntpdate & rdate -- does it affect date/time at hardware level13 Jun 2003
Bischof Jr., Ralph F.
 SUMMARY: ufs, logging, and fsck12 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: unknown problem with flar installation26 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Link DOWN14 Jan 2003
Blair Rampling
 SUMMARY: iPlanet Web Server 6.0 cannot change document root24 Feb 2003
Bob Barkhymer
 SUMMARY:Cannot load Solaris 830 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Can't open boot device09 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY:Cannot load Solaris 823 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Cannot load Solaris 823 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Unable to see A100009 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Problem with seeing RAID disks17 Nov 2003
Bob Brown
 SUMMARY - Solaris 8 on Intel D845PT -- lan troubles!30 Apr 2003
Bob Cregan
 SUMMARY Solaris 8 crypt command source16 Sep 2003
Bob Jones
 Summary: StorEdge Traffic Manager and EMC Symmetrix07 Oct 2003
Bob Rahe
 SUMMARY: Glacial ufsrestore from 8mm tape25 Jul 2003
 Summary: Sun Pci II and mouse (final)08 Apr 2003
Boris Gegenheimer
 SUMMARY: Raid 5 thru Disksuite23 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: qfe.conf different speeds on the card15 Jan 2003
Borja Marcos
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9: Disappearing routes to interface addresses23 Jan 2003
Bradley Alan
 SUMMARY: Upgrading Solaris 6 to 9 / Any differences in UFS file systems fr om Solaris 6 to Solaris 925 Sep 2003
Brett Hales
 SUMMARY: SunFire V240 - lock ethernet interface02 Dec 2003
Brett Lanham
 SUMMARY: FC HBA model number discovery01 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: D1000 to WinNT host adapter18 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: merging two filesystem08 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: sscs only sees one array in 632011 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: routing question - more info06 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: newfs question21 Oct 2003
Brian Chase
 SUMMARY: Problems with NFS automount of Linux filesystem under Solaris 8.08 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY [addendum]: stat errors on NFS mounted filesystem.26 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: stat errors on NFS mounted filesystem.24 Jan 2003
Brian Lucas
 SUMMARY: UPS Info08 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: overlaps with device in metadevice state database16 Sep 2003
Broun, Bevan
 SUMMARY: LVD/HVD/SE prob - connecting a compaq MSL5026 to a E420R29 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: /dev/random patch for solaris 810 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: update install drops to command prompt after doing little, /swap2 problem.15 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: oracle - mem upgrade and OS update, just checking here first.07 Jan 2003
Brown, Mike (REO)
 SUMMARY (of sorts): Jumpstart "locale" error27 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: ultra 60/sol8: unexpected halt - no log/message05 Oct 2003
Bruce Purcell
 Summary: "unknown" host22 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY 2 -- Disksuite Question21 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY -- Disksuite Question21 Mar 2003
Bruntel, Mitchell L, ALABS
 Summary: Stupid Hardware Question-Ultra1002 Dec 2003
 Partial Summary: /var/adm/messages stops, dissapears.18 Sep 2003
 Final Summary: Q on DHCP/DNS conflict29 Oct 2003
 Partial Summary on Q on DHCP/DNS conflict/need figure out sun name portion29 Oct 2003
 Partial Summary, more help needed: /var/adm/messages stops, dissapears.25 Sep 2003
 Summary Syslog ==BIG DUH25 Aug 2003
Bruntel, Mitchell L, SOLCM
 Summary: was (Man Cmd)11 Jul 2003
 Summary: (FTP not working 1 user)03 Jul 2003
 Summary Question (was Ksh as root-bad advice)27 Jun 2003
 A1000/E3500 Duh answered- thanks...(summary)15 Apr 2003
 summary: "patch level" (and thanks25 Mar 2003
Bryan Guest, BMI Internet
 Summary: Largefile log problems on Solaris 2.6 - no solution16 May 2003
Bryan J. Smith
 [SUMMARY] "mv" file between fs' moves file, directory entry, but space was not freed ...08 May 2003
 [SUMMARY/NEW PROBLEM] Accomodating VLSM subnets in Solaris 8 ...01 Apr 2003
bsd unix
 SUMMARY: 2 default routes and vpn25 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: 2 default routes and vpn25 Feb 2003
bulent acikgoz
 summary:remote backup24 Feb 2003
Bulent Açikgoz
 SUMMARY: partition /17 Jun 2003
Burtenshaw, Craig
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8.3 file format.24 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: "/bin" symbolic link missing.22 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Using Syslog to email "su" attempts.13 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: shell geometry changed after patches (was No subject)07 May 2003
Cain, Allen
 SUMMARY: What happens when shmmax is set above MAXINT on 2.6?22 Jan 2003
Canhui (Sam) Ou
 SUMMARY: apache basic authentication doesn't work on solaris16 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY Q: install apache 2.0.46 on SPARC solaris 9?13 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Help: "boot -s" not working after getting "Error opening PAM libraries"11 Jun 2003
Carl Ma
 summary: filesystem grows out of control27 Jun 2003
 correction - SUMMARY: I/O mapping29 May 2003
 summary: I/O mapping29 May 2003
 Summary: char2number() in Shell09 May 2003
 summary:tty question17 Feb 2003
Carolyn Mayr
 SUMMARY: Serial numbers25 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun Samba server can't join domain (smbpasswd)19 Jun 2003
Cathy M. Bodenstedt
 SUMMARY2: newfs on s218 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: newfs on s218 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY:script09 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY:Finding out Location of drives in an A100007 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Shell Scripting (Flash)04 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Openssh X11 forwarding error14 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: T3 Connection12 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: v480 ce0 woes03 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY:Moving a veritas disk across controllers19 May 2003
 [SUMMARY] sendmail question08 Dec 2003
 [SUMMARY] kill nfs mount21 Oct 2003
cheong frank
 RE SUMMARY 1: E450 problem ? or backup tape driver problem ?30 Dec 2003
Cheryl Milburn
 SUMMARY: SUN: QFE0 Late Collisions26 Sep 2003
Chris Cook
 Summary: Dual-head Sun laptops04 Dec 2003
Chris Denneen
 SUMMARY: OT: Apache mod_rewrite rule09 Sep 2003
Chris Hoogendyk
 [SUMMARY] mysql/perl/gcc/DBI/DBD -- Sunfreeware/CPAN -- Solaris 829 May 2003
 [Summary] ufsdump write error on tape 9, restart?10 Jun 2003
 [SUMMARY] latest patch cluster kills access via ssh???21 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Configuring D1000 from command line14 Apr 2003
 PRE-SUMMARY: Configuring D1000 from Command Line14 Apr 2003
Chris L. Anderson
 SUMMARY: NIS, NIS+ or LDAP28 Jan 2003
Chris Price
 SUMMARY [problems with SDS metadb state replicas]27 May 2003
Chris Stromsoe
 SUMMARY - Re: need to find empty drive sleds to fit Ultra2 onboard drive bays18 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: CDE action problem31 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Wiping RDAC information from Sonoma disks26 Jun 2003
Christian Campbell
 SUMMARY: Update PROM? Huh?12 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Cloning a disk/server12 Feb 2003
 Summary: Mutt05 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: StorEdge L-280 How-to03 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Upgrade Advice30 Jan 2003
Christophe Dupre
 SUMMARY: Gnome2 on Solaris 9 & Red Hat (fwd)18 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: Any experience with 3rd party NIC ?12 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY Re: 3rd party FC disk systems with Solaris ?12 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: 280R keeps rebooting13 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: Top for Solaris ?13 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: FC-AL GBIC question11 Feb 2003
Christopher L. Barnard
 SUMMARY: procmail users list?11 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: sendmail on Solaris 929 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: sendmail/procmail problems...26 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: sendmail on solaris 9 woes25 Jul 2003
 revised SUMMARY: vold on solaris 901 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: automated file transfer with ftp20 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: ping-only account29 May 2003
 SUMMARY: stopping broadcast boot on jumpstart?03 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: JFS on solaris?27 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: renaming a server without rebooting25 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: non-interactive newfs11 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: /etc/path_to_inst and pti.old changed...03 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: misbehaving cdrom on E25024 Jan 2003
Cirus Gaspar
 SUMMARY: SunCluster 3.0 behaviour at shutdown28 Nov 2003
Claudio Lapidus
 [SUMMARY]: determining UDP input queue size20 Nov 2003
Coleman, Jim (CORP)
 SUMMARY - OFF TOPIC POST - HP/UX Mailing List15 Apr 2003
 RE: SUMMARY: Need Solaris BINARY of version 1.13 perl database interface (DBI)05 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: UPDATE - Need Solaris BINARY of version 1.13 perl database interface (DBI)06 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Need Solaris BINARY of version 1.13 perl database interface (DBI)05 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY - determining print queue IP address07 Jan 2003
 PRE-SUMMARY: Supporting Canon printers under Solaris06 Jan 2003
Colin Bigam
 SUMMARY:Howard/Trantham Veritas Root Mirror question18 Jun 2003
Colin Haffenden
 Summary : Strange su - problem?29 Aug 2003
 Summary : Jumpstart - Building an OS with 64-bit27 Aug 2003
 Summary : Sun StorEdge A5200 Array07 Aug 2003
 Summary : Sun StorEdge A1000 Array08 Aug 2003
 Summary : OS won't see my new RAID size06 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: WARNING: pci2: no portid property13 Feb 2003
Connolly, Michael
 SUMMARY: E450 rebooting20 Mar 2003
Corbett Waddingham
 SUMMARY: Solaris and Active Directory04 Nov 2003
Crist Clark
 SUMMARY: Pruning the "?_Recommended" Patch Clusters17 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Roll Your Own Package Patches19 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Get syslogd Listening on a UNIX Domain Socket?19 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Who Needs efdaemon?24 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: "symbol maxmem" Problem on Cloned Ultra531 Mar 2003
cy user
 SUMMARY Solaris Testing Software17 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: xhost/X Display question04 Apr 2003
Dan Barnes
 SUMMARY: jumpstart solaris 905 Sep 2003
Dan Simoes
 SUMMARY: need help with multiple network interfaces on v48010 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Ultra 5 not booting01 May 2003
Daniel Baldoni
 SUMMARY: Firewalling under Solaris 927 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Warning for SunRay 2.0 CAM users09 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: DiskSuite RAID's across machines02 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: No console framebuffer02 Oct 2003
 FOLLOW-UP: SUMMARY: Sun Ray screen savers and blanking31 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun Ray screen savers and blanking31 Jul 2003
Daniel Denes
 [SUMMARY]: Solaris 2.6 expiry?16 Dec 2003
Daniel Lorenzini
 SUMMARY: sunvts pmemtest error28 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Unable to add new metadatabase-devices. System will not accept them.23 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: LTO Ultrium Question10 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Restricted Shell Question09 Apr 2003
Darren Beale
 SUMMARY Optical Mousemats11 Mar 2003
Darryl Pace
 SUMMARY: sendmail problem07 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY "couldnt set locale correctly"03 Oct 2003
DAUBIGNE Sebastien - BOR ( )
 SUMMARY: UFS direct I/O20 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Share a filesystem between two nodes14 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: From Solaris 2.6 to 8 : Upgrade or Fresh Install10 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Running 32 bits apps on 64 bits kernel07 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: SED/AWK & null bytes27 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Clean Up device Trees and path_to_inst25 Feb 2003
DAUBIGNE Sebastien - BOR ( )
 SUMMARY: CPU Mask Meaning ?12 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY : How to identify LVD/HVD for a SCSI SBUS card ?03 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Ethernet Gigabit throughput with UltraSparc 3 ?28 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Oracle 64 bits slower than 32 bits one under Solaris 8 6 4 bits kernel13 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Mixing UltraSparc 2 with/without mirrored Ecache23 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 MU : patches ?28 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: SUN NVRAM/hostid FAQ & E45004 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Disk contention01 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 : some syscalls Hanging (more)02 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: FCAL Link Down12 May 2003
Dave Belfer-Shevett
 SUMMARY: Sun X6541A, E250, and the AIT Library of DOOM!17 May 2003
Dave Landsiedel
 SUMMARY: Script looking for new files21 Jul 2003
Dave Lowenstein
 su - user with tcsh hangs UPDATE: really a quota problem SUMMARY28 May 2003
Dave Martini
 SUMMARY: Mounting NFS partition when booting single on CDROM27 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: SunFire V65x with Red Hat14 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: memtool, where to get it02 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: I'm getting this error: dbm map "Alias0": unsafe map file aliases08 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Changing the UID of a unix account01 May 2003
 SUMMARY: dbm map "access": missing map file /etc/mail/access error message30 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Does PC NetLink Work with Active Directory??17 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: How to tell if machine is 64bit or 32bit?16 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: swap and /tmp don't match up16 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY:Comparison of Sparc to Intel02 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Mirroring the boot disk21 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Screen Resolution vs. amount of physical ram in system18 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Is the sendmail daemon a requirement for running mailtool?22 Jan 2003
Dave Martini 1
 SUMMARY:nis server unreachable error when initializing nis client15 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Setting up a V12031 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: changing someone's home directory using nistbladm16 Jul 2003
Dave McNeill
 SUMMARY: Sun_SSH vs OpenSSH part 219 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun_SSH vs OpenSSH19 Mar 2003
Dave Warchol
 SUMMARY: Stacksize Issues - Solaris 821 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Stacksize Issues - Solaris 821 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Empty passwd, group and shadow files02 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Moving /usr From Under Root "/" To Its Own Partition04 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Snap Clone HowTo08 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Sending E-Mail With Attachments From A Script - Addendum24 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Sending E-Mail With Attachments From A Script21 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: ufsdump/ufsrestore of large filesystem09 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: DVD-RAM Software05 Feb 2003
 summary: metadatabase not detect on storage array sunfire280r s1 array24 Apr 2003
David Beard
 SUMMARY: SunFire 280R front panel access02 Jan 2003
David Eisner
 SUMMARY: Adding UFS logging without a reboot22 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: A1000 Solaris 2.6 to Solaris 8 Upgrade Question22 Apr 2003
David Foster
 Re: [SUMMARY] Problems with XVR-4000 graphics board and V880z, and Xservers config04 Dec 2003
 [SUMMARY] Problem mounting RAID volume at boot on V880z21 Nov 2003
 [SUMMARY] Compiling perl 5.8.0 64-bit using gcc 3.2.108 Jul 2003
 [non-SUMMARY] Solaris DHCP: Addresses becoming unusable21 May 2003
 [SUMMARY] Limiting access to DHCP (via MAC filtering)10 Mar 2003
David JL Rieger
 SUMMARY: Applied Solaris7 Recommended Now email connection refused04 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Veritas Media Write Err's (84)14 Jan 2003
David M. Arroyo Díaz
 SUMMARY: SCSI connection in E350013 Jun 2003
David Markowitz
 SUMMARY: Archive tape drive problems05 Jun 2003
David McWilliams
 Summary: Add second HDD to U511 Dec 2003
David Price
 SUMMARY RE: Arp Problem - long10 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: V480 Soft Memory Errors23 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY Veritas VCS23 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Unable to Install OS E350015 May 2003
 SUMMARY: E3500 - Bad Disk ?15 May 2003
David Rieger
 Summary: DNS Lookup seems to be failing06 Aug 2003
 Summary: Sol7 Compilation Woes25 Jul 2003
 Summary: Can Rcv Email - Not Send05 Jun 2003
David Stapleton
 SUMMARY: sudo version 1.6.7p5 : using -H -u options on Solaris 816 Dec 2003
David Stempnakowski
 SUMMARY Max number of characters for host name10 Jul 2003
David Swanlund
 SUMMARY: netra T1 105 and D1000 - cannot see disks05 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Conflicting tape devices from 'boot -r'03 Oct 2003
Debbie Tropiano
 SUMMARY: Sun Blade 100 & Firewire (IEEE 1394)03 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Runtime Forte?11 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: OS update11 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Problems booting with Lite-On CD-RW drive08 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 & vold17 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: SEAM: Error while propagating the database07 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Is it safe to remove SEAM?04 Apr 2003
Declan Houlihan
 [SUMMARY] performance monitoring tools20 May 2003
DeMatos, Ricardo L.
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart Problems26 Feb 2003
Denis Perchine
 SUMMARY: picld patch 110460-3025 Jul 2003
Dennis, David M.
 Summary: /dev/random and /dev/urandom patch for Solaris 7?01 May 2003
Devin Ganger
 SUMMARY: SS20 clone is not loading kernel modules19 Mar 2003
 Summary: Sun Blade 1000 + 8 Recommended29 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: OT: Documentation System28 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: OT: Managing Windows machine on a "sun" network23 Jan 2003
Dilip M
 SUMMARY: kill -9 is NOT working for 'defunc' process!!01 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY-taring between solaris and linux16 Jun 2003
Dinesh Kelvin Paul
 SUMMARY: tcsh shell problem17 Dec 2003
Dinwiddie, Ron (TIFPC)
 Summary: NIS, ypbind & maybe Oracle03 Apr 2003
Dirk Boenning
 SUMMARY: V440 and Solaris 914 Nov 2003
Dirk van Hennekeler
 SUMMARY: Master View USB KVM switch on Sun Blade 150?28 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 1.1.2 (SunOS 4.1.4) NIS -- can't find domain07 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 Booting From Slice 121 Jan 2003
 OFFICAL SUMMARY: EMC Storage attached to Solaris 9 on SF12k]15 Dec 2003
 Summary: ID 748887 kern.notice31 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris & password checking26 Sep 2003
Don Weeks
 Summary: Need iostat -E data from libkstat in C21 Oct 2003
 Summary <sar cleanup>07 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Cron and sendmail26 Mar 2003
Don Yu
 Summary:A question related cron job14 May 2003
Donald Bricker
 Summary: Solaris Partitions for an Oracle Database server06 Mar 2003
 Summary: Ownership of NFS mounts03 Mar 2003
Doty, Randall W
 SUMMARY: ufsrestore on a 8 year old sun4 dump tape22 May 2003
Doug Huey
 [Summary]: Re: Sun's price competitiveness20 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: StorEdge 331012 Nov 2003
Dr. Thomas Rose
 SUMMARY: class action script and wrong cksum22 Jul 2003
Drew Skinner
 SUMMARY: Curious issue with Netra X104 Dec 2003
Dunn Alethia D CONT DLVA
 SUMMARY: CDE will not launch with TSIgfxp(gfxp0) device driver on Solaris 822 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: setting up scp and sftp07 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Restrict root login ID through ssh21 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY:T3 Problem and E3500 CPU Problem.08 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Cpu Idel 0%02 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: From Solaris 2.6 to 8 : Upgrade or Fresh Install10 Mar 2003
Dustin Hoff
 SUMMARY: reset root password on Sun 6120 array05 Dec 2003
Dyah, Woelandari
 SUMMARY:to block another acount for ftp command02 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: to extract files from tape17 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY:java problem28 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY(partial): Disksuite Controller failure28 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Sparc Storage array "EROR PMF"27 Aug 2003
Ed Skolnik
 How do I tell what other Ethernet interfaces I have on this box. I know I have Gigabit, cards but I can't find the devices (summary)19 Jun 2003
Ed Franks
 SUMMARY: OEM 73GB SCSI drive into a U-6011 Dec 2003
Eduardo Sánchez M.
 SUMMARY:IDE HardDisk for Sun Ultra 529 May 2003
Edward M. Corrado
 Summary: Solaris 9 Software Supplement CD30 May 2003
 Summary: OpenSSH problem14 Apr 2003
Edward Stankevich
 SUMMARY: Problem configuring HME022 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: why doesnt ftp let me login as root on solaris 7?10 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: E450 - best database disk layout26 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: how to find ip of a host that i only know its mac address16 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: legato mail list27 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: What is the best way to give a user no-access to a directory?30 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: NOTICE: SUNW,eri0 : May have to set link partner's speed and duplex mode.17 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: sun trunking software07 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: shell script issue29 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: compress or gzip to different directory08 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: solaris 9 ssh hangs from cron...08 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: parsing text file in KSH12 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: ls directories 5th column10 Jul 2003
 Fw: SUMMARY: perl error - Can't locate Date/ in @INC28 May 2003
 SUMMARY: sys-unconfig does not change hostname on solaris 8?28 May 2003
 SUMMARY: perl error - Can't locate Date/ in @INC27 May 2003
 SUMMARY: sendmail - part4 - using a different reutrn address on all outgoing mail?14 May 2003
Elaine .
 SUMMARY: vnc placing windows28 Apr 2003
Eli Shamszadeh
 Summary: hme0 missing07 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY:DNS Wierdness09 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY Panic after patching Solaris 816 Sep 2003
Eric Falen
 SUMMARY Scripts for SUNWExplorer output14 Feb 2003
Eric Forgette
 SUMMARY: Solaris Vulnerability Calculator Missing25 Jul 2003
 Summary: 4 hosts per D1000 - no terminator30 May 2003
Eric Paul
 SUMMARY: ufs_readir: bad dir21 Jan 2003
Eric Voisard
 SUMMARY: Progam that doesn't accept STDIN pipes19 Dec 2003
Erik Simonsen
 SUMMARY: JASS/Java problems21 Mar 2003
 Summary dns(solaris 8)16 Jan 2003
Eriksson (London), Christer
 SUMMARY: Sunfire 480 network problem24 Apr 2003
eSolutions, Techlist
 SUMMARY: Error in /var/adm/messages: WARNING: mod_load: cannot lo ad module 'cpr' from krtld. Serious?05 Aug 2003
Evans, Shawn
 SUMMARY: X11 Tunnel - F-Secure06 May 2003
 Summary: T3 Lun and Veritas-vxvm02 Apr 2003
F.M. Taylor
 [SUMMARY] RE: Patches23 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: E450 - Finding Failed HD.10 Mar 2003
Fasel Lars
 SUMMARY: PROM Update for Netra 112524 Mar 2003
Faulconer, Steven M.
 SUMMARY (2) : Password Composition/Complexity and Auto-lockout31 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Password Composition/Complexity and Auto-lockout27 Mar 2003
Felecia Diggs
 SUMMARY: /, /usr, swap ...submirrors in error but system is not down05 Jun 2003
Feng Qiu
 SUMMARY: lp problem for plain text file08 Dec 2003
Fergus McMenemie
 SUMMARY: ufsdump tape unit, st.conf and /dev/rmt/0un vis 0cn24 Nov 2003
Fergus Wilde
 SUMMARY: Ultra5 Sunvts gives disturbing error without apparent problems09 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Where Can I Find A TFTP Binary That Will Transfer Files > 30 Meg22 Jul 2003
Fiengo, Paul (Contractor)
 Summary: openssh startup error message02 Sep 2003
 Summary: Disk Suite / vfstab18 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Crontab Failure12 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Script Issue16 Jan 2003
Figaro, Nicolas
 summary : I can't connect my e25006 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: power problems with ultra 60]04 Sep 2003
 [SUMMARY] weird sendmail problem on Solaris 914 Apr 2003
Fines, Steven
 [Summary] Configuring second NIC on netra16 Jan 2003
Forrest Houston
 Re: SUMMARY Re: Looking for binaries for Sol924 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY Re: Looking for binaries for Sol924 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Sol9 binaries24 Apr 2003
Francois Dion
 SUMMARY: Port aggregation23 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun V100 oracle client11 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: a1000 problem03 Sep 2003
Franky Van Liedekerke
 [SUMMARY] flash archives jumpstart22 Aug 2003
François Legal
 Summary : Unable to compile after patch cluster11 Apr 2003
 Summary2 : Sendmail smarthost08 Apr 2003
 Summary : automount on sunos 4.1.307 Apr 2003
 Summary : sendmail smarthost04 Apr 2003
 Summary : NFS tar and chown02 Apr 2003
Frati, Louis
 SUMMARY: pre-build Solaris10 Jan 2003
Frederic E. Hughes
 SUMMARY {User Accounts Without Passwords}23 Jun 2003
Frederiksen, Paul (Contractor)
 SUMMARY: SunFire V120 Can't Mount CDRom19 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY Solaris 8 "last" command not function anymore!02 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 Postfix SMTP Gateway and Postfix Mailserver31 Oct 2003
Gabel Martin
 SUMMARY: cron script27 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Creating cdrom28 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: 13W3M pin allocation07 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: ftp over serial ?12 Feb 2003
Galen Johnson
 [SUMMARY] [SUMMARY] 32- or 64-bit04 Dec 2003
 [SUMMARY] 32- or 64-bit03 Dec 2003
 [Summary] audit woes13 Oct 2003
 [Summary] rstchown17 Sep 2003
 [Summary]: Netra T1 won't reinstall25 May 2003
 [Summary]: RSC + console03 May 2003
 [Summary] raid problems09 Feb 2003
Gallagher, Kevin
 summary: Nis+ Solaris/Linux problem20 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY : Issue connecting Storage box16 Oct 2003
 Summary:Hard drive not responding13 Jan 2003
Garrett, Matt M SITI-ITDIEEE
 SUMMARY: openssl Vulnerabilities in ASN.1 parsing02 Oct 2003
 Summary : Slight off Topic , Best way to set up MS Outlook , with MS Exchange , when Out of Office30 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY : With code (LONG) Jass Drivers / Finish scripts20 Jun 2003
Gary Lopez
 SUMMARY: sunblade 150011 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY - Ntp question01 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Anyone Familiar with this ?01 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Just Looking for an idea ..22 Aug 2003
Gary P Carr
 SUMMARY: prtdiag output (Again)04 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: prtdiag output04 Aug 2003
Gavin Kelman
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 NFS trouble.03 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Patch 108528-18 install trouble23 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Multi-homed server question04 May 2003
Gayani Jayawardena
 SUMMARY: Serial no within Solaris08 Aug 2003
 summary: HBA info24 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY:Sun Fire 680010 Jun 2003
 summary:ARP31 Jul 2003
Gene Huft
 SUMMARY: run level questions19 Feb 2003
Geoff Lane
 SUMMARY: Sol8 / netraX1 / packet loss23 Dec 2003
 Summary: Failing memory / E6500 / Solaris 814 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: live upgrade / NetraX1 / boot-device03 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: RBAC config / x86 Sol 910 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: init process looping / Sol 808 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: invisible A1000 after Sol26 to Sol8 upgrade11 Feb 2003
george goffe
 SUMMARY - Solaris 9 - ultra 10 - SUNWffb not installed12 May 2003
George Kahler
 SUMMARY: nfs exports using /etc/netgroup07 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: NIS+ domains01 Apr 2003
George P.
 SUMMARY: Disk replacement on Ultra-10 (Solaris 2.7)02 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Attach PC monitor to an Ultra-10 (Solaris 2.7)01 Apr 2003
George Papadimitriou
 UPDATE/SUMMARY: boot-up failure30 Sep 2003
 Summary: E3500 hangs during boot23 Jan 2003
 pre-Summary:RE: How to turn off reporting of unlabbeled disk driv es19 Jun 2003
Gerard Henry
 SUMMARY: about pops and mozilla 1.2.1 from sun16 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY (1): compile rdesktop on solaris 927 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: how to setup coredumpsize for XSun09 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: need help with networker04 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: automountd died unexpectedly24 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY (updated) : automountd died unexpectedly27 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: help for a script23 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: problem installing mailman on solaris 810 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY:setting up dhcp client behind cablemodem13 Jan 2003
German, Vinnie
 SUMMARY: cron running job twice. ????03 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: can not configure dmfe1 on a V100 ... ???21 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Where is the serial number on the chasis for the E4000 a nd E450029 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: which controller number is my disk on a E4500 ????22 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Placing a title on a xterm window ????10 Jan 2003
Gilles, Paul
 SUMMARY: Inter-Domain Networking on a Sun Fire 1501 Aug 2003
Gilliam, Kirk R.
 SUMMARY: Ufsdump Backup Problem on Mirrored Soft Partition on V48 023 May 2003
 [SUMMARY]: v880 swap08 Mar 2003
Glenn Burkhardt
 SUMMARY: Dialin PPP server setup31 Mar 2003
Glenn Prince
 SUMMARY: iMS 5.2 Collection Problem13 Apr 2003
Glenn, May (COMFIN, VFS, Consultant)
 SUMMARY: E10k STOP-A26 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Limpact or Impact testing23 Oct 2003
 Summary: Using CLARiiON Disks in a T306 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Firmware Password on E-25029 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Prom Password Lock23 Jul 2003
Gnanagurusamy B
 SUMMARY: crontab audit_crontab_not_allowed28 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 Release upgrade24 Jan 2003
Gosselin, Mark
 Summary: Stop-A equivalent03 Oct 2003
Greene, Marco
 SUMMARY: bootpd...IP address not found01 May 2003
 SUMMARY: SDLT Tape Drive on Compaq MDR29 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 and VxVM18 Feb 2003
Greg Kaloutsis
 SUMMARY: Sendmail map processing order23 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: FASTT700 FCX2-6562 Only showing LUN3128 Aug 2003
Greg Polanski
 SUMMARY: Replacement cooler for SunPCI II21 Feb 2003
Greg Trahair
 SUMMARY: Memory configuration on E42010 Oct 2003
Griffor, Bob (COMFIN, VFS, IT Contractor)
 SUMMARY: Getting a TARball to tape08 Oct 2003
Grigory Nikonov
 SUMMARY: hostname --> ip07 Feb 2003
Grzegorz Bakalarski
 SUMMARY: force it to use more memory14 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: endless CLOSE_WAIT20 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: strange df result15 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: 240 vs 28012 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY:: vold & time29 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: what does mean such error message?05 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 do_ioboard_init() failed on V88009 Jul 2003
Gustavo A. Lozano
 SUMMARY: Correction: How to get a Shell in ttya booting from cdrom.25 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: How to get a Shell in ttya booting from cdrom.25 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Support for Realtek based Ethernet Cards in Solaris 931 Oct 2003
Gustavo Tobares
 SUMMARY: tracking mail sending09 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: tracking mail sending08 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: problem: could not talk to print service14 Mar 2003
Gérard Gachelin
 SUMMARY:problem installing Solaris9 on a SunFire V21028 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: /etc/system binary file06 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: fsck not ok, how to recover the data ?17 Jul 2003
Hackett, Peter
 SUMMARY: Script Help21 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Remove Tape Drive From Live System10 Jul 2003
 [SUMMARY] Frame Buffer Resolution16 May 2003
 [SUMMARY] List FS Types05 Jun 2003
 [SUMMARY] Sun Part Number Resource15 May 2003
 SUMMARY: swap size option in vfstab02 Apr 2003
 [SUMMARY]Tracking Down Memory Leak24 Feb 2003
 [SUMMARY] PERL Problem19 Feb 2003
 [SUMMARY] E3000 Memory - 256 MB SIMMS18 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Global change MTU of all interfaces30 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Strange gproblem with a 500MB-file15 Sep 2003
Harbi, Fatima
 SUMMARY: pkgadd24 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: C compiler cannot create executables21 Jul 2003
Hardy, Andy
 SUMMARY: problems with jumpstart29 Jul 2003
Hargrave, Mark E
 SUMMARY: NetBackup - no storage units available23 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Loading Solaris Recommended Patches on Mirrored Veritas Root Disk26 May 2003
 SUMMARY: ndd Command Gives Wrong Results27 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Errors after upgrading to Veritas 3.4 - svc_run_stksize errors14 Feb 2003
Haywood, Steven
 [SUMMARY] Wits end with fibre gigabit card stuff..20 May 2003
 [SUMMARY] GnuPG on Solaris 2.606 May 2003
Heilke, Rainer
 SUMMARY: SEAM, and failover16 Apr 2003
 Summary: Desktop Control.25 Feb 2003
 Summary: Telnet Problem04 Feb 2003
Hichael Morton
 SUMMARY: Monitor Remote Sessions on a SunRay network.31 Mar 2003
Hickey, Michael
 Summary: Awk script help23 Apr 2003
Himanshu Khona
 Summary: Last login older then 90 days24 Dec 2003
 Summary: solaris 8 authentication from iplanet 5.128 May 2003
 Summary: tape to tape dd on different workstations03 Apr 2003
 Summary: OT: Encapsulation of boot disk failed in Veritas Volume manager.25 Mar 2003
 Summary: OT: Encapsulation of boot disk failed in Veritas Volume manager.25 Mar 2003
 Summary: OT: Encapsulation of boot disk failed in Veritas Volume manager.25 Mar 2003
 Summary: Raid5 question21 Mar 2003
 Summary: Finding all available maps in NIS.17 Feb 2003
 Summary: UFS Vs Vxfs15 Feb 2003
 Summary: UFS Vs Vxfs15 Feb 2003
 Summary: Help for formatting using scripting11 Feb 2003
 Summary: Help with awk script10 Feb 2003
 Summary: Sun blade 1000 Terimnal doesn't respond after terminal locked24 Jan 2003
Hobbs, Richard
 SUMMARY: Specifying "From" addr when emailing from a cronjob16 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Xnest on Solaris??22 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: MD5 Passwd's on Solaris 927 Feb 2003
Homan, Charles (NE)
 SUMMARY: Flash Archive issues15 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Command line vs. CDE resource utilization difference for dtterm?04 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: (NO SUMMARY) Setting serial line receive buffer size?23 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Chat script for null-modem PPP?12 Mar 2003
 PARTIAL SUMMARY: Chat script for null-modem PPP?10 Mar 2003
Hong Wang
 summary -- swap space is full13 Oct 2003
Howard Powell
 SUMMARY: $PATH in sun Gnome207 Apr 2003
Hunt, Neil
 [SUMMARY] E4000 problems03 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: 280R internal drives09 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Create stipe-mirror in Veritas22 Jan 2003
Husemann, Harald
 SUMMARY: Max. number of semaphores in Solaris 812 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Problems with a header-file after applying patch cluster - and some new questions, :-)05 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Problems with automountd07 May 2003
 Summary: Using OnStream ADR in a Blade10010 Apr 2003
 Summary: Problem with metaset in a cluster28 Mar 2003
 Summary: Question regarding SUN StorEdge Availability Suite18 Mar 2003
 Summary: su - <user> doesn't read <user_home>/.profile13 Mar 2003
 Summary: Connecting a Multipack Storage to a Netra (Multi-homed)26 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Max. temp of a SPARC-CPU-Module?!05 Feb 2003
Ian Grant
 SUMMARY: iostat reports Transport Errors19 Aug 2003
Ian Veach
 SUMMARY: multiple instances of a pkgadd - same version?22 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: apps and libraries built with Forte AND gcc (mixed)06 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: anyone jumpstarted with Solstice Backup 6.1 client?28 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: does hostname really do the job for a name change?13 Mar 2003
Ian Zapczynski
 SUMMARY: ifconfig not holding after reboot05 Feb 2003
Ivan Fetch
 Summary: Quota exceeded warnings not working over NFS30 May 2003
 Summary: Server recommendations when you can't afford a server?12 Mar 2003
J Marquez
 SUMMARY: SRC/P card Problem15 Sep 2003
Jack Burton
 SUMMARY: PS Command: How to get more than 80 characters of comman d line02 Feb 2003
Jack Matthews
 SUMMARY: Ultra 60 in distress08 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: SCSI issues Ultra 6022 Sep 2003
Jagga Daku
 SUMMARY: Bind 9.2.2 on Solaris 927 Aug 2003
 Summary: Bind 9 help02 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: DNS IP Cleanup31 Jul 2003
Jain, Rajeev - Contingent Staff
 SUMMARY: Veritas Netbackup Report09 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: NTP Configuration06 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: How to do System reporting without SNMP20 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: TCP/IP Keep Alive in Solaris 817 Oct 2003
James Noyes
 Summary: Setting TWO ffb resolutions in OBP?16 Dec 2003
James S. Siojo
 SUMMARY: Cron and forcing the use of ksh - FOLLOWUP03 Feb 2003
Jana Dunn
 SUMMARY: Tunnelling X11 via ssh21 Oct 2003
Janik, Jesse
 SUMMARY: ufsdump utilizing ssh and dd17 Mar 2003
Jason Bufford
 Summary: Urgent Solaris Sendmail DNS Problem!29 Nov 2003
Jason McIntosh
 SUMMARY: Re: V880, Solaris 9, Oracle questions09 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 install with mirrored volumes30 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: V880 question on ethernet interfaces and services25 Apr 2003
 Correction to SUMMARY: Sun v880, RAID, Configuration18 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun v880, RAID, Configuration18 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Sparcstation 20 woes24 Oct 2003
Javier Fernandez Landa
 SUMMARY: smpatch problem12 Jun 2003
Javier Perez
 SUMMARY: Changing SunScreen Default Security Policy20 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: How delete a file?29 Apr 2003
Jef Elliott
 [non-SUMMARY] Re: Slightly OT - v240s with preset admin passwords17 Nov 2003
Jeff Allen
 SUMMARY: Adding a NIC to a Sun Blade23 Sep 2003
Jeff Barratt
 SUMMARY: fabric attached device question14 Mar 2003
Jeff Blosser
 RE: Can jumpstart work on a gig ethernet network? (SUMMARY)27 Aug 2003
Jeff D. Allen
 SUMMARY: Type 5 Keyboards and USB12 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Emacs Seg Fault12 Mar 2003
Jeff Germain
 [SEMI-SUMMARY] disable kerberos after install/before boot04 Feb 2003
 [SUMMARY] Purposely corrupting a filesystem14 Jan 2003
Jeff Graham
 SUMMARY: Clock drift and cycle20 May 2003
Jeff Wellens
 SUMMARY: automountd keeps dying25 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Something filling up root filesystem28 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: unable to see when system was last booted03 Jan 2003
Jeffrey P. Elliott
 SUMMARY: Stale lock installed for pkgadd24 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: boot hangs after patch cluster, but works if start things manually from single-user mode23 Jun 2003
Jeffrey Tay
 SUMMARY (not) Point-to-point mode - X6768A and SE3510FC26 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Veritas for HA - newbie questions15 Jan 2003
Jennifer Peterson
 SUMMARY II: What is pseudo-device tod0?28 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: What is pseudo-device tod0?26 Mar 2003
Jeremy Jin _at_ Nucleus
 SUMMARY: Any restrictions with NIS emulation mode?08 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: How can I know an ARP request is generated by which process?25 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: SunOS 4.1.4 Tape Restore24 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: serial console doesn't work and cause system die17 Sep 2003
Jeremy Russell
 SUMMARY: IP Multipathing. (Final, I Promise :)14 May 2003
 SUMMARY: IP Multpathing (NEW)01 May 2003
 SUMMARY: IP Multpathing30 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY:DNS Wierdness09 Apr 2003
Jerry K
 [SUMMARY] spam solution for Solaris 8 sendmail hub system07 May 2003
 [NON-SUMMARY] Solaris Volume Manager boot problem - Can't load the root filesystem29 May 2003
 [SUMMARY] Solaris 7 study CD-Rom from Sun24 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Deleting mails from sendmail01 Oct 2003
 Summary: quick and dirty net boot15 Aug 2003
Jim Seymour
 SUMMARY: E250 & Solaris 8 Hangs On Shutdown/Reboot30 Oct 2003
 [SUMMARY] Fujitsu Magneto-Optical (removable M-O) Drive and Solaris 713 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY:process info from netstat13 Apr 2003
Jo Ashmore
 SUMMARY: samba translate dos to unix files07 May 2003
 SUMMARY: limiting the size of emails23 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: iostat counters - can u reset them21 Feb 2003
Joe Dierker
 SUMMARY: problems with default ACL's10 Mar 2003
Joe Moore
 SUMMARY: multi-terabyte disk support27 Aug 2003
Joe Reid
 Summary: Veritas 3.2 lays down incorrect partition map03 Jan 2003
joe ritter
 SUMMARY manually starting X and CDE for Oracle install05 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY removing external scsi device without reboot25 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY:nscd abnormal memory usage13 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY UPDATE :nscd abnormal memory usage05 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: VRTSvxvm pkgadd problem06 Sep 2003
 Update: SUMMARY: V880 memory error survey02 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: V880 memory error survey02 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: scsi device reset05 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: scsi device reset05 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: automating vxrestore16 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: picld patch 110460-3025 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: OT Veritas recovery work03 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: V880 "memory" error03 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: script efficiency repost27 Nov 2003
Johan Hartzenberg
 SUMMARY: Scripted access to sentral repository30 May 2003
 SUMMARY: CPU time05 May 2003
 SUMMARY NOW: Mismatch between physical geometry and disk label contents24 Apr 2003
 NON-SUMMARY: Mismatch between physical geometry and disk label contents23 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Cleaning up patch backout files25 Feb 2003
John Adams
 SUMMARY: Disksuite 4.2.1 metadevice won't mount after newfs ( on D1000 )28 Feb 2003
John Benjamins
 SUMMARY: UPDATE: SunFire V880 prtdiag problems25 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: SunFire V880 prtdiag problems20 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: adding internal 73GB disks to V88015 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Dual FC-AL Card for V88028 Jan 2003
John C. A. Bambenek
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 CD Problems24 Sep 2003
John Corcoran
 summary : storedge T321 Jul 2003
John Elser
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 Problem After Patches Installed04 Nov 2003
 sort command SUMMARY23 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: find command25 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY - Cron - Bad User21 Jul 2003
John England
 Summary: accidently removed ANDIrand pkg21 Oct 2003
John Kelly
 SUMMARY : DNS / TCP-IP related Problem on Solaris 828 May 2003
 SUMMARY : Installing a SunSwift Card on a Solaris 8 machine31 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY : Best Option for Duplicate 70 GB Hard dRive06 Mar 2003
 Summary : User Logged Out of CDE by Framemaker04 Feb 2003
John Lee
 SUMMARY: Upgrade Sparc20/Solaris 2.6 to Ultra60/Solaris 8: Is root ufsdump/ufsrestore necessary?11 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Does Solaris 8 support SUNWpcnfs?11 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Maximum size of file system under Solaris 2.6 ?19 May 2003
John Marrett
 SUMMARY: Problems jumpstarting v210 servers12 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: 240 Subnet /etc/netmasks problem17 Mar 2003
John Rams
 SUMMARY: What causes /tmp: File system full, swap space limit exceeded12 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Patch download unavailable?? (Random Number patch - today)17 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Updated : Solaris8, Modem - Hayes commands not detected06 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: New disks in EMC symmetrix - Veritas vxvm04 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Badblock on disk18 May 2003
 SUMMARY: solaris 9 sendmail (SUN package) on Solaris 8/7 systems04 May 2003
 Summary: Login failure: /usr/lib/ too many open files26 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: sendmail 8.12.9 compilation problem install-docs cannot make28 Apr 2003
 Summary: syslog configuration Help26 Apr 2003
John Szkudlapski
 SUMMARY: CC/GCC Problems04 Mar 2003
 [SUMMARY] Backup Options18 Nov 2003
 [SUMMARY] Setting sshd uid?23 Oct 2003
 [SUMMARY] Fast Data Access MMU Miss - Solaris 825 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY : Graphics / Display Problem on Ultra 123 Jul 2003
 Summary: Sendmail Queue mode only09 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: NFS quota not working01 Aug 2003
Jonathan Day
 SUMMARY: What happens whan a CPU fails?22 Sep 2003
Joohyun Cha
 SUMMARY: Shared memory question.05 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: A1000 Installation problem18 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: remote login problem26 May 2003
 SUMMARY: root disk clonning with dd10 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Blade 100 with firewire HDD10 Apr 2003
 Summary: lofi, lofs06 Mar 2003
Jordi Vidal
 SUMMARY picld errors after CPU upgrade (fwd)01 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY (Update): How to check fdx/hdx network status (fwd)16 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: How to check fdx/hdx network status (fwd)16 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Problem with MAC addreses15 Jul 2003
Jorge Carrizo
 SUMMARY : Memory erro detected (?)25 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY : Lexmark Optra 3455 network printer13 Jan 2003
Jose Luis Martinez
 SUMMARY: How to force fsck to run completely after blackout07 Nov 2003
Josh Kuperman
 SUMMARY: Open boot-prom w/out Sun Keyboard12 Jun 2003
João Miguel Chaves
 SUMMARY: Bash core dumping on unknown commands using padl nss_ldap30 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun Volume Manager forceload warnings on bootup29 Aug 2003
 Summary: Mac to the serial of a suun23 Mar 2003
Juan Calderon
 SUMMARY: boot -r on ultra 129 Jan 2003
Justin Fletcher
 SUMMARY: Re: v480 hardware upgrade14 May 2003
 Summary: ping with timeout, or other tool suggestions18 Nov 2003
 Re: SUMMARY: Problems jumpstarting v210 servers24 Sep 2003
Kai-Thorsten Hambrecht
 SUMMARY: Sun Cluster 3 and GDS15 Jun 2003
Kain, Becki (B.)
 SUMMARY: ./a.out: fatal: Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: sendmail exploit on solaris05 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: best disk layout w/smail disks (sol 8)19 Feb 2003
 Summary: Shutdown scripts...15 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: easy db copy11 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: SRC/P: howto find the failed drive?17 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Who builds the L8 for sun06 Jun 2003
 Summary Re: LDAP password aging04 Apr 2003
Kathy Ange
 Summary Window manager in Solaris 9 (replacement for olwm)03 Jul 2003
 Summary: /var/tmp files25 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY Re: IKE key negotiation with a Cisco box15 May 2003
Kelly Ormsby
 SUMMARY: SunPCi partition19 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart and TFTP21 Jul 2003
Ken Leyba
 SUMMARY Shutdown Hang08 Mar 2003
Ken Wachtler
 SUMMARY: VNC Security?06 May 2003
 SUMMARY KRPC: record fragment from client of size(24816) exceeds maximum (9000) ...06 Feb 2003
Kent Holloway
 SUMMARY: IPCS Won't run on Sol8 machine23 Jun 2003
Kevin Boykin
 SUMMARY: T3+ troubles15 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: SUMMARRY Newbie-ish question kernel parameter settings05 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Newbie-ish question Reconfiguring Kernel parameters05 Mar 2003
Kevin Buterbaugh
 SUMMARY: Which PCI slot is the 64-bit, 66 MHz one on a V240?16 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: BTU's of Sun equipment16 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Perl module installs on one server, fails on another...22 May 2003
Kevin Colagio
 [Summary] Adding serial console after poweron07 Jul 2003
Kevin Davidson
 SUMMARY: Sudo from .profile29 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Cannot access A1000 via RM606 Jun 2003
Kevin Metzger
 SUMMARY: swap size max and file transfer speed07 May 2003
 SUMMARY: hacked help04 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: verify commands: /usr/bin/passwd, etc04 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: verisign 128 bit cert for Oracle's apache07 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: grep script question03 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: my new V880 and disk slices06 Jan 2003
Kevin Sindhu
 SUMMARY: smc, patch management and blowfish/md5 encrypted root passwd16 Dec 2003
 [SUMMARY]: Bad elite3d m6?18 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 char password limit14 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun e3500 Length of Fiber Channel Cable27 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY2: Solaris 8 char password limit14 Oct 2003
Kevin Stussman
 Summary : Netra X1 and Time (NTP) Problems10 Mar 2003
Kirkland, Mike # IHTUL
 Summary: Manually setting nic speed / duplex problem Solaris 910 Dec 2003
Kjell Grindalen
 SUMMARY: Lost device cdrom ?27 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: SUNWmfrun on Solaris 801 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: SUNWmfrun for Solaris 8.001 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: jb_config error requiring a passthrough driver17 Oct 2003
Klaus Heinz
 SUMMARY: USB keyboard/mouse on V12007 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: device size too small for metadevice database replica10 Sep 2003
Kompare, John
 Summary of SAR12 Dec 2003
 Summary: /etc/passwd corrupted23 Oct 2003
 Summary : E420R and A100021 Oct 2003
Koonz, Jay
 Summary - Question on Network Routing11 Jun 2003
Koos van den Hout
 SUMMARY NIS master/slave weirdness20 Jan 2003
Korte, Michael
 SUMMARY : mtime / ctime as timestamp22 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY : getting max io buffer size13 May 2003
Kris Briscoe
 Summary A1000 question17 Dec 2003
Kristopher Briscoe
 Summary: booting solaris 9 on ultra119 Feb 2003
Kumar Guhan
 SUMMARY: vxvm disk problems...28 Feb 2003
Kun Li
 [summary]How many dns queries can a 400Mhz cpu support14 Apr 2003
 [part summary]compiling gcc322 on solaris8 failed25 Mar 2003
 [summary] md and ssd performance03 Jan 2003
Kurosh Khan-Afshar Moha
 SUMMARY: Audio 4mm tape drive13 Nov 2003
Kwan, William
 SUMMARY: UFS logging performance gain21 Oct 2003
 Summary: use DLT35/70 tape in a DLT40/80 drive28 Apr 2003
 Summary: 3rd party DLT drive13 Feb 2003
 Summary: Hook up a CDROM drive to X109 Jan 2003
Kynaston Roger
 preliminary SUMMARY Problems with some UIDs12 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: remote printing19 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY Silly date question01 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: File Access Question31 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: V880 question14 Jan 2003
Lam N
 Summary: Connect large harddisk to U523 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: WARNING: envctrltwo0: Received 256 spurious interrupts25 Jun 2003
Largent, Aaron
 SUMMARY CORRECTION: reference to really low level filesystem docs ?07 May 2003
 SUMMARY: finding DEVICE ID and INODE of a file using truss and ls tat - why a difference?07 May 2003
 SUMMARY: reference to really low level filesystem docs?07 May 2003
Larry Anta
 SUMMARY: Sun Fire V480 and ce.conf for Onboard Ethernet Interfaces15 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Maximum UID Number for Solaris 6/7/820 Aug 2003
Lars Hecking
 [SUMMARY] Solaris 9 12/03 install server17 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Urgent: /bin/passwd: Permission denied02 Dec 2003
 Summary: Solaris 9: call to undefined service02 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: SunPCI III problem18 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY2: xterm broken on Solaris 9?04 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: xterm broken on Solaris 9?04 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Cannot compile xfig - X11 libs broken?30 May 2003
 SUMMARY: SDS and Solaris 9?09 May 2003
Lee, Elizabeth
 Summary: warning! 109007-09 breaks crontab on Solaris 827 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: What's the meaning of the error message ?15 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: How to send STOP-A signal with KVM21 Jan 2003
Len Rose
 SUMMARY: Netra LOM software packages03 Jul 2003
Leon Kazakin
 SUMMARY: OS backup/DRP (system recovery)24 Jun 2003
Levent Demiroers
 SUMMARY: Expanding RAID system w/o disksuite19 May 2003
 SUMMARY: X11 forwarding with ssh-3.2.0 under Solaris 819 May 2003
 SUMMARY/NEW QUESITON: DNS cache server, sendmail13 Apr 2003
Levi Ashcol
 [SUMMARY] High %wio, Why ?04 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Sys Admin(Changing Job) Starter Guide !01 May 2003
 [SUMMARY] Executing a cron job every second !22 Feb 2003
 [SUMMARY]Tar: Unknown block size15 Feb 2003
Lewars, Mitchell (EM, PTL)
 Summary: Adding X6541A to Solaris 8 on an E220R.02 Oct 2003
Ligia Rosa
 Summary: PATH in Solaris 803 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: RE: pdf2ps - error29 Jan 2003
Loukinas, Jeremy
 SUMMARY: Sun Multipack SCSI questions.29 Dec 2003
 Summary:A5000 connected to Ultra2?30 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Veritas NetBackup Maint Pack how to?04 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Recommended cluster backout plan25 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Crontab deleted how to recover..14 Nov 2003
 Summary: Batch password reset help.12 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: FW: How to turn off keyboard beeping09 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Sizing /var/crash system with 32gb mem14 Oct 2003
 Summary: EMC disk mapping06 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY:FW: Solaris x86 Inspiron 510006 Oct 2003
Luc I. Suryo
 SUMMARY: Re: Getting Netra X1 out of standby mode28 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Bigest disk in a U517 Feb 2003
Luca Fini
 SUMMARY: panic when mounting a filesystem05 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: how to connect X844A tape unit to SunBlade 100?07 Nov 2003
Maddox, Andrew
 SUMMARY: stupid Sun serial connections20 Feb 2003
 Summary: Partitioning20 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Partitioning18 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: booting problem.25 Feb 2003
 FC Disks - summary15 May 2003
Mangan, Paul IT-IAU
 Summary:V240 Wrench Light24 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY:swap slice vs swapfile05 Nov 2003
Mani, Greg SPAWAR
 Summary: SNMP Community Name07 Aug 2003
Manuel C. Muñoz Muriel
 SUMMARY: max_io_size03 Jun 2003
Marc Sheldon
 SUMMARY AND FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Problems with metadb's out of order10 Mar 2003
Marcel Schulte
 SUMMARY: strange problem with pnmd from suncluster07 Aug 2003
Marcelino Mata
 [Summary] 400Mhz SUN PCi with Windows 2000 SP208 Jan 2003
Marco Greene
 SUMMARY: Verifying st.conf26 Jun 2003
 Summary: Cron Question08 May 2003
 Summary: Shutdown Script10 Mar 2003
Marco Greene (Home)
 SUMMARY: Dual Boot Solaris .. But for Intel11 Dec 2003
Margareth Irene Schaffer
 SUMMARY: disk problem10 Dec 2003
Mark de Roo
 SUMMARY: Configuring bge.conf19 Dec 2003
mark king
 SUMMARY: Mail usages statistics??13 Mar 2003
Mark Roberts
 Summary of checking hme status20 Aug 2003
 C complier packages - summary02 Sep 2003
Markus Schlup
 SUMMARY: Postfix/Solaris resolver issues (n2a)22 Oct 2003
Marques, Virginia
 SUMMARY: Nobody can login our productive server27 Jun 2003
Martin D. Baldenegro (RRNC)
 SUMMARY: Disable Echo Reply12 Apr 2003
Martin de Koning
 SUMMARY: Metadisk and data retrieval02 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Basic print job accounting08 Sep 2003
Martin Schmitt
 SUMMARY: Missing showrev command13 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: VRTSvxfs/vxdump problem09 Jan 2003
Martynas Buozis
 SUMMARY: bash and user home dir problem]18 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: ip filter & screenlite16 Jan 2003
Matt Wells
 SUMMARY: ftp cron job failing with pam errors29 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Unknown Open Port26 Nov 2003
Matthew Moncaster
 SUMMARY Re: Triple Mirror Backup Advice, incl. how can a script find outSDS status03 Mar 2003
Matthew R. Clausen
 SUMMARY: StorEdge 3310 Question....28 Apr 2003
Matthew Stier
 [SUMMARY] Using large IDE drives under Solaris 2.627 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Keyboard-Video-Mouse switches09 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Installing SunOS 4.0.3c from floppies16 Dec 2003
McCaffity, Ray (Contractor)
 SUMMARY: 32-bit Solaris8 boot-file path15 Jan 2003
McEwan, Ryan
 SUMMARY: setting /dev/eri interface 10 mb full duplex08 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Problems using mailx15 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Disksuite metadb replicas on 3310 JBOD29 Aug 2003
Meg Wall
 SUMMARY: Replacing Disks27 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: mass process14 Oct 2003
 Summary: System panic29 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart problem21 Apr 2003
 Summary: Root cause of swap space full07 Apr 2003
 Summary: Hardware failure?07 Apr 2003
Melissa Young
 SUMMARY: Install Sun patch 112438-02 on Solaris 8 failed13 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Problem compiling a shareware on Solaris 2.5.1 (compile issue)04 Aug 2003
Michael DeSimone
 [Summary] Unable to boot Ultra 6002 Jul 2003
Michael E Demers
 SUMMARY: SAN Storage best practice30 Dec 2003
Michael Fernando
 SUMMARY: A1000 and Raid Manager 6.2224 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: PBM generated system error on Ultra-1018 Feb 2003
Michael Gleibman
 SUMMARY(?): EMC Clariion CX-400 and Solaris17 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: DiskSuite mirror and bad blocks13 May 2003
Michael Hase
 SUMMARY: rlogin, telnet suddenly hanging21 May 2003
Michael Keplinger
 SUMMARY: Starting Xsun at login with shell04 Dec 2003
Michael S. Peek
 [SUMMARY]: Re: Replacement Hard Drive for Ultra-1022 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris-8 + VERY Large Non-Sun Hard Drives?18 Jun 2003
Michael Schneider
 SUMMARY metadevice problem after def. cable16 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: sendmail`s ETRN functionality and forcing queueing for a domain26 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY Wireless LAN17 Oct 2003
 Re: SUMMARY: no time for RTFM09 May 2003
 SUMMARY: no time for RTFM09 May 2003
 partial SUMMARY: bizarre behavior in Login Manager (Welcome to `hostname`)]31 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: what seeems like bugus lpr error19 Mar 2003
Michal Wellum
 SUMMARY: Sun ultra 10 hard drives24 Jan 2003
Michel Ingkiriwang
 Summary :Bus fault?17 Feb 2003
Mike D. Kail
 SUMMARY: migrating iPlanet messaging server mailboxes01 Jun 2003
Mike Demarco
 SUMMARY: CUPS printing12 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Netcat limits telnet16 May 2003
 SUMMARY: grep with a window22 Jan 2003
Mike Ekholm
 Summary: UFS Logging root filesystems12 Dec 2003
Mike Johnson
 SUMMARY: Installing Patch-ID# 108528-1818 Feb 2003
Mike Keplinger
 SUMMARY: Sendmail incompatibility with sendmail.cf19 Jun 2003
Mike Myers
 Summary: 3310 what capacity drives will work21 Nov 2003
 Summary: Fwd: Re: Sun Cross Reference List01 Oct 2003
 Summary: T3 Fibre Card25 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Storedge A5x00 Veritas License25 Jul 2003
 Lack of Summary: PCI Slot Issues10 Mar 2003
Mike's List
 SUMMARY: OT: Legacy Office Products09 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: URGENT: DoS via sendmail14 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: OT: Recommended Book23 May 2003
 SUMMARY OT: Load Balancing Hardware22 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Attempted hacking???16 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: root's /bin/false01 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: RAID1+0 Setup28 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: .forward broken17 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: CDE Error28 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: DNS root caching?26 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: COMM software17 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: NSCPcom removal17 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: I/O Optimization03 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: X1034A in PC23 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY(2): Simple "ping" script20 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Simple "ping" script17 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: sshd weirdness13 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: screen package09 Jan 2003
 Summary : where is x86.25 Feb 2003
Milan Matesin
 SUMMARY: v240 sol 9/08 install problem23 Oct 2003
Miller Alan
 SUMMARY: inode2filename26 Sep 2003
Miller, Anthony, A, Tech Dev, VF UK
 SUMMARY: sd_max_throttle settings in /etc/system and in jni configuration file28 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Location of vxbench19 Sep 2003
 RE: SUMMARY : Connectivity issues with NetScreen Firewalls and Linux/Solaris23 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY : Connectivity issues with NetScreen Firewalls and Linux/Solaris23 Jul 2003
Mingyu Zheng
 summary: manually mounting all partions of installation CD28 Feb 2003
Minoti Koul
 SUMMARY- script.(help)23 Apr 2003
Mitchell D. Baker
 SUMMARY: NIS+ Problems.. (more info)13 Jan 2003
Mitchell, John
 SUMMARY: sar problems: sar: insufficient address space to hold 21 92529938 device records21 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: permissions of /usr/lib/security?31 Jul 2003
Moehlman, Mike
 SUMMARY: SSA - repaired and reconnected but not visible03 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Sunfire (V480/V880) and older disk arrays (A3x00)03 Feb 2003
Mohamed Lrhazi
 SUMMARY: How to force identical disk geometry03 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY [STILL NEEDS HELP]: How to force identical major/minor numbers on two machines?16 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Weird loopback interface problem09 May 2003
 Summary: How to RAID1+0 with Solaris 9 SVM21 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: External SCSI-DVD-RW 4 Sparc with cdrecord16 Jul 2003
Monappallil, George
 Veritas VM docs: Summary10 Apr 2003
Moughan, Laurence
 SUMMARY yp issues22 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: pam_ldap: Cannot contact LDAP server06 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Stunnel compile problem29 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Cannot find ethernet card19 Aug 2003
mr ayie
 SUMMARY:quick info for external floopy drive08 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: login incorrect problem11 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: nfs question23 May 2003
Mr Rene Occelli
 SUMMARY A100012 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY : PGX32 - TSI - CDE28 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Re_Make is not there17 Mar 2003
Mt Dew
 Summary: Strange process running on Solaris8?19 Nov 2003
 Summary: jumpstart and OBP question24 Jan 2003
Murray Robert-rmurra01
 Summary: Can I Fake a Hostid21 Nov 2003
Na Zhou
 SUMMARY: binary editor on solaris.23 Jan 2003
 Re: Summary: System panic29 May 2003
 SUMMARY: bge interface speed on SunFire v210?09 Jul 2003
Naveen Gajan
 Summary: NIS Problem26 Mar 2003
neil d quiogue
 SUMMARY: Maximum File Descriptors in Solaris 807 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: StorEdge T3 Not Getting IP Address13 Jun 2003
Neil Martin
 SUMMARY:Installing Solaris 9 - 4500 using 2 ssa114's06 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: SBUS card on the E4500 (Neil Martin)07 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: qfe on a sun ultraii14 Jun 2003
neil quiogue
 SUMMARY: Cisco 2511 and E220R09 Jun 2003
 Summary: Console of E220R04 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: what is my kernel doing?14 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: any advantages of small VM volumes?18 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: disk drive model# from shell? Fibre Channel problems...01 May 2003
 SUMMARY: e450 disks hot swappable/pluggable?02 Apr 2003
Newbreak LLC System Administrator Team
 Re: Solstice DiskSuite problems: Metatool is not working: SUMMARY19 Aug 2003
Niall O Broin
 SUMMARY Missing man pages on Solaris 8 October 2000, Revision A17 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY Amanda problem12 Mar 2003
 Summary: Don't see SCSI CARD27 Nov 2003
Nick Pettefar
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 to Linux dump compatibility question15 Sep 2003
Nicolas Dorfsman
 SUMMARY: gcc 3.3.x / Solaris 9 ld core dumped07 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Who is doing chmod on homedirs ?22 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 x86 and Intel740 video card16 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: URGENT - Sol8 x86 Install10 Jan 2003
Nicole Skyrca
 SUMMARY: rsh gives "insufficient credentials"11 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: qualstar library with E25024 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: /usr/lib/utmpd: file descriptor limit exceeded18 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: SMART/PFA support in Raid Manager 6.22.116 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: patching Solaris 2.5.1 system with remote /usr partition06 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: ldap training class06 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: questions about auto-boot? and watchdog-reboot? promvariables..07 May 2003
Nikul Raval
 Summary:Sun OS 4.1.3 and Exabyte 8500 tape drive02 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY:Fwd: Which release...31 Mar 2003
 Summary: V240 and monitor problem [Sun Managers]03 Nov 2003
Nils Wuerfel
 SUMMARY(2):FIRE280+A1000 needs too much boot time10 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: FIRE280+A1000 needs too much boot time25 Mar 2003
Noah Yan
 Summary: Problem in L9 Autoloader connecting to Sun Enterprise E420R10 Nov 2003
Nobuhira Kaminaga
 SUMMARY: snmp query by shell script27 Apr 2003
O'Connor, Joe D
 SUMMARY: Moving DiskSuite Raid Volume to another Machine19 Jun 2003
Octave Orgeron
 SUMMARY: Problem Jumpstarting with SVM/SDS30 Dec 2003
Ole Martin Refvik
 SUMMARY: How to make a RAM disk on solaris 831 Mar 2003
Ole-Morten Duesund
 [SUMMARY] V880 usb problem.10 Dec 2003
Oliver Butanowitz
 Summary: VXVM doesn't recognized some hard disks27 Jun 2003
Omar Chiyean
 Summary: FileSystem Full05 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: WU-FTPD in Solaris 920 Jan 2003
Ors Tiszay (ETH)
 SUMMARY: Taking part of a disk out of Veritas02 Apr 2003
Osama Ahmed
 [SUMMARY] Knowing EOT or EOF from a shell script29 Aug 2003
 [SUMMARY] Max Number of Jobs cron can handle ?05 Aug 2003
Osama Omar
 SUMMARY gcc compliling13 Apr 2003
 Summary RE: Mail on Solaris 803 Apr 2003
 Summary Mail on Solaris 804 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY : booting from CDROM16 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun ULTRA graphics card23 Feb 2003
Oscar Goosens
 SUMMARY: sample frequency and count for sar01 Sep 2003
Oscar Ramos Peralta
 RE: SUMMARY: Changing default execution level from OK prompt14 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Unable to set 100M/Full Duplex on /dev/ce17 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: Configuring hme interfaces for Half and Full Duplex17 Mar 2003
Owens, Blaine C - Eastman
 SUMMARY: How to search for a string containing \31 Jul 2003
P Sharma
 SUMMARY:partition name!31 Jan 2003
Pablo Jejcic
 SUMMARY - Slightly OT - Telnet?10 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY - Network Problems05 Nov 2003
Padmanabhan Ramadurai
 late SUMMARY: detailed disksuite questions08 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: A1000 battery question... (fwd)02 May 2003
 SUMMARY : Increasing file descriptor limit23 Jun 2003
Parker, Robin
 SUMMARY:Perl being strangely inconsistent14 Oct 2003
Parkins, Larye (NIH/NIAID)
 SUMMARY: SunPCi3 on older hardware28 May 2003
 SUMMARY 2: SunPCi3 Card on older hardware28 May 2003
Patricio Mora López
 SUMMARY: Urgent need SUNWlibCx Sol8 2/0210 Nov 2003
 (NO) SUMMARY: Urgent need SUNWlibCx Sol8 2/0207 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: scp leaves ssh processes running29 Jan 2003
Patrick L. Nolan
 SUMMARY: All my mount points are busy23 Apr 2003
Patrick O'Reilly
 SUMMARY:FTP slowness03 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Restore deleted files24 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: root filesystem full17 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: DHCP and Solaris 9 - hostname issue23 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: T3+ snmp traps17 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun Cluster 3.0 - ypserv and sendmail server17 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: lsof substitution in Solaris 805 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: e15k scalability15 Apr 2003
Patty Eyenga
 SUMMARY sun e15k scalability15 Apr 2003
Paul Boven
 Summary: ufsdump doesn't unload tape26 Jun 2003
Paul Clayton
 Summary Sun280r network speed12 Feb 2003
Paul Coray
 SUMMARY: V120: Double serial connection freezes one host28 Apr 2003
Paul Galjan
 SUMMARY: SunVTS:Unable to read pointer to memlist structure05 Mar 2003
Paul LaMadeleine
 Final Summary - possible 2gig limit on usfdump on individual files?03 Apr 2003
 Pre-Summary - Again: possible 2gig limit on usfdump on individual files?27 Jan 2003
 Pre-Summary: possible 2gig limit on usfdump on individual files?21 Jan 2003
 Summary: cron and formated date command21 Jan 2003
Paul Richards
 SUMMARY: Sources of information22 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY Re: Solaris XFree86 Video Drivers and Porting Kit25 Feb 2003
Paul Wilkinson
 SUMMARY: SSH2 over PPPoE on Sol 2.729 Apr 2003
Paul Woscek
 Summary: Getting graphics card to work with Sunfire V12012 Dec 2003
Pavic, Aleksander
 SUMMARY: whats the best place to share a script : network config06 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: whats the best place to share a script06 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Disable remote commands12 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: associate path to the board19 Feb 2003
Pere Blay
 summary: Sun One Grid Engine16 Sep 2003
Perttunen, Bruce
 SUMMARY: Problem booting V48014 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Sendmail 8.12.2 on Solaris 910 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8/9 monitoring with MRTG26 Mar 2003
Pete Geenhuizen
 SUMMARY: lost+found entries12 Feb 2003
Peter Ferrigan
 SUMMARY: Ultra 2 Issues23 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Tar across network26 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun Ultra 5 SCSI disk and IDE Disk issue25 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: LE Question09 Feb 2003
Peter Stokes
 SUMMARY- Disk card on E400023 Oct 2003
 Summary - L280 Password reset - How to?25 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY - Patches for Netra T129 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY - Bizarre sendmail gets wrong MX value!!28 Aug 2003
 Summary - USB disks on Ultra 520 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Update Firmware 3.12 for SSA03 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Where is Disksuite software?21 May 2003
 [SUMMARY] NFS file limit on 2.6/830 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY - Help with A1000 attached to two systems23 Jan 2003
Peter W. Osel
 SUMMARY: Seagate ST3146807LC (147 GByte Cheetah 10K.6) in U60/U80?05 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: useradd defaults!22 May 2003
Philippe Bourdeu d'Aguerre
 SUMMARY: Trouble with external SCSI on SUN Blade 200016 Apr 2003
Phillip Smith
 Summary: Solaris directory file size30 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY - SCSI IDs from the command line -25 Feb 2003
Ploeg, Karen van der (Fin)
 SUMMARY: L20 tape robot issues03 Jul 2003
Polak, Jon
 summary: ksh scripting question23 Oct 2003
 Summary: using disksuite to clone a system02 Jul 2003
Praveen P Nair
 SUMMARY : Need Help on SSL Please17 Oct 2003
Pravin Chavan
 SUMMARY : Multi OS installation ...29 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY : Source code version control software20 Nov 2003
Preiszl Matthias
 Summary: 10/100 Mbit Network Card31 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: mount fcal disk29 Jan 2003
Procter, Paul Mr (EDS)
 SUMMARY: Network MTU Size16 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY Network MTU Size13 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Overloading a CPU to failure25 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY:Sendmail problems03 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Sparc 20 issues01 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY:Sparc 20 issues31 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: [2] veritas vs ufs performance comparison12 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: fssnap - no detailed information22 May 2003
 SUMMARY: how to stop resync of volumes10 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: PGF: 3510 - pad kontrolera09 May 2003
 SUMMARY: CPU - 25%09 May 2003
 SUMMARY: array 3310 and df28 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: SUNWsibi27 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: mapping sector to files18 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: moving disks between v800s14 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: SF 1280 vs 480015 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: screen09 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: How to check if tape is write-protected ?03 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: veritas vs ufs performance comparison11 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: oracle 8.0.5 from Solaris 7 to Solaris 928 Apr 2003
Qing Chang
 SUMMARY: SUN SE 3510 FC does not present backup slice01 Dec 2003
Quinterno, Mauricio Ariel
 SUMMARY: OpenBOOT03 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Inode error01 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: E10K jumpstart panics with 5.9 install19 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Help with broken passwd patch 5.8 -108993-2526 Sep 2003
rachid boukhari
 SUMMARY: A good mailing for Redhat02 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Trailing / in a tarfile16 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Install over the network29 Apr 2003
Rafael Angarita
 Summary: FTP error: Can't build data connection....05 Mar 2003
RaghuNath L(Raghu)
 Summary: Cpu bottleneck ?26 Mar 2003
Rajeev Jain
 SUMMARY: freeware backup software17 Jul 2003
Rajput raj
 SUMMARY Re: ndd setting for interfaces13 May 2003
 Summary: gnome 2.0 on sun blade18 Feb 2003
Ramaswamy, Satish
 summary:modifying the /defaultrouter10 Jun 2003
Ramesh Pathak
 Summary: df -k : discrepancy in the % displayed27 Aug 2003
 Fw: Summary: df -k : discrepancy in the % displayed29 Aug 2003
 Summary : Defragmentation02 Sep 2003
 Summary: Maintenance upgrade22 Aug 2003
 [SUMMARY] SCSI warnings on Solaris 8 x8614 Nov 2003
Rami Aubourg
 SUMMARY: A 1000 disks not seen with lad utility04 Feb 2003
Randall Cruz
 SUMMARY: Tunning of TCP on Solaris 903 Apr 2003
 Summary: Install patches on Jumpstart client29 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY Re: List out the contains of ufsdump tape18 Aug 2003
Raoni Kulesza
 SUMMARY: problem wiht PAM_LDAP and Solaris 9 Authentication (telnet,login)30 Sep 2003
Ratliff, Charlotte
 Summary:Configure Network interfaces for best utilization26 Jun 2003
Ray Hillman
 SUMMARY: Gnome messed up my keyboard03 Apr 2003
Ray Pasetes
 Summary: Question on Veritas mirror recovery for Sun280R24 Nov 2003
Ray Pengelly
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 x86 install problems with SCSI hard drives15 Dec 2003
Reed, Judith
 SUMMARY: Problems with Sunfire 880 picld25 Jul 2003
Reggie Beavers
 SUMMARY: ACL Logging?10 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Performance Help22 Aug 2003
Reichert, Alan
 SUMMARY: Install sshd on Solaris 812 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY Addition and Correction: Install sshd on Solaris 812 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY - LINUX with SUN Hardware (SPARC RISC)13 Nov 2003
 Summary : Diferent Colors in Motif07 Apr 2003
Rekhi, Manjeet
 Summary: nslookup always goes to dns server18 Mar 2003
Remy Zandwijk
 SUMMARY: Exchange disksuite volumes26 Nov 2003
 Summary : Two NICs on same subnet16 Jan 2003
Ric Anderson
 SUMMARY: Question on fssnap scratch space04 Dec 2003
 Summary: Problem with poweroff on Ultra-6001 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: problems with Sun X6758a LVD controller21 Oct 2003
Rich Kulawiec
 UPDATE: SUMMARY: Simple anti-spam system using open-source software and freely-available data27 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Stop the idiotic questions and useless summaries, please [plus additional resources]20 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: PPP 2.4.1 on Solaris 2.5.1 fails to negotiate/authenticate on startup27 Mar 2003
 partial SUMMARY: PPP 2.4.1 on Solaris 2.5.1 fails to negotiate/authenticate on startup26 Mar 2003
Richard Butler
 Summary: error cannot stop cpu115 Jan 2003
Richard Hampshire
 SUMMARY: Configuring new devices13 Mar 2003
Richard Russell
 SUMMARY: Re: Filehandles05 May 2003
 SUMMARY: iPlanet Mailing List06 Feb 2003
Richard Voss
 SUMMARY: Fujitsu-Siemens SPARC-solutions03 Nov 2003
Richard Williams
 RE: Solaris 8 Ultra10 Summary23 May 2003
 Summary root alternative02 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY : OBDIAG Ambient temperature to low on E45016 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: How to turn off/on a CPU at the OBP on an E25013 May 2003
Rick Kelly
 Summary - Wordperfect for UNIX03 Feb 2003
Rick von Richter
 [SUMMARY] Memory leak (again)17 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Wiping disks (update)....13 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Wiping disks....13 Nov 2003
 Summary: File size issues23 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: sendmail .forward problem....11 Jun 2003
 RE: SUMMARY: /dev/random for Solaris 815 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: /dev/random for Solaris 809 Apr 2003
Rierson Robert Civ OC-ALC/MASLA
 SUMMARY: Script question - How to execute command passed to scri pt.25 Aug 2003
RIVERA Dominic
 SUMMARY: Help decoding error message in /var/adm/messages [CPU cache error?]15 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: How do I clear TX/RX errors from a network interface19 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: sony monitor and ultra 227 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: long double problem on solaris 902 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: boot -r after changing /etc/system19 May 2003
 SUMMARY: hme1 internface.18 May 2003
 SUMMARY: ultra 2 boot fail25 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: updating form solaris MU CDs22 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: ULTRASPARC real CPU Speed14 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: ultra60 clock05 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Blade HD29 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: mount exceeded message11 Sep 2003
 Summary: dd drive Ultra 503 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Script for IP's21 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY-CDE Question14 Jul 2003
Rob De Langhe
 SUMMARY: one for the guru's : X11 through two SSH tunnels ?17 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: CDE popup confirmation window25 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Jumpstarted client does not reboot automatically after i nstallation26 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Net-Snmp18 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: SunRay + SPARC-server + SunPCI + Solaris-x86 + vmware + Win98 : feasible ?23 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Jumpstarting Netra-X1 with Sol-9 fails04 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: problems with StarOffice 6.007 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Netscape 7 on Solaris9 helper apps do not start04 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: force login as user, then "su" to root: not working for SSH21 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: IPsec tunnel only working in one direction12 Mar 2003
Rob Helmer
 SUMMARY: cron using UTC w/o resetting system timezone?26 Jun 2003
Rob Ouellette
 Summary: sun rack 900 power02 Dec 2003
Robert Haskins (work)
 SUMMARY: Sun Netra t1 and L280 tape library05 Sep 2003
Robert Helmer
 SUMMARY: test-memory on E420R?29 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: get FTP to lie about PORT?08 Dec 2003
Robert Loh
 Summary: ftp with solaris 924 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY : download solaris 906 Mar 2003
Robert Milkowski
 SUMMARY: gcc & assembler12 Nov 2003
Robert Petkus
 SUMMARY: metatool07 Nov 2003
Rodrigo G
 SUMMARY: date Problem03 Feb 2003
Roetman, Paul
 SUMMARY: CheckSuite - daily sysadmin tasks24 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Using a large disks in Sol 819 May 2003
 [Summary] Text formatting - off topic10 Mar 2003
Ron Clark
 Summary restricying su to root03 Feb 2003
Ron McKeever
 SUMMARY: Increase size of /var/mail mailbox17 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Increase size of /var/mail mailbox17 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: cdrom not mounting Sol 919 Feb 2003
Roy S. Rapoport
 Panic when booting U1/U2 from Sol9 install CD [SUMMARY]29 Mar 2003
Russ Poffenberger
 SUMMARY: Ultra-10 drops to 'ok' prompt.11 Dec 2003
Russell, Shawn (Indsys, FW, IT-E-Business Non GE)
 SUMMARY HP JetDirect14 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY FW: HP JetDirect11 Apr 2003
Ryan A. Krenzischek
 SUMMARY: Using SSH as drop-in replacement for r* services08 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Packaging Perl Modules on Solaris...29 May 2003
 Summary: Swap Filling up: /tmp full on a E450001 Apr 2003
Sabrina Lautier
 SUMMARY: mailing list for HP-UX20 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: NFS cache11 Sep 2003
Sahan Kallu Kumar
 Summary: Cluster on Ultra1002 Jul 2003
sajeev nv
 Summary...picld24 Jun 2003
Sajesh Singh
 RE: SUMMARY: Remote jumpstart client11 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Remote jumpstart client11 Jul 2003
Sal Serafino
 SUMMARY: Hybrid user authentication?12 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY:trussing a slow process29 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: wait io and SAN13 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: X1034A in PC30 Jan 2003
Sanjiv K. Bhatia
 SUMMARY: crontab problem21 Oct 2003
 Summary: Quick question about killing process08 Aug 2003
Santos, Ramiro
 SUMMARY: Starting the X Server proccess without a framebuffer25 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: automate tasks with telnet or somthg. similar16 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: netatalk for Solaris 825 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Su or login takes to much time12 Mar 2003
Sara SaiMohan
 Summary: undoing a vfstab entry18 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Unreal filesize05 Jun 2003
Sasiain, Rusty
 SUMMARY: Rootdg UFS issue12 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Can I upgrade Sun Blade 1000 to use 1.2GHZ CPU?16 Nov 2003
Schaper, Soeren
 [SUMMARY] Nameserver Acess12 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: defaultroute not working27 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY Remote System control problems04 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: making a backup from the root-disk06 Mar 2003
Schoep, Grant _at_ STORM
 SUMMARY: hostname in java is always returning fully qualfied?27 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Reboot of server, tape drive keeps on "incrementing" in in /dev/r mt16 Apr 2003
Scott J. Buecker
 SUMMARY - truncate ps and list pid for open ports07 Mar 2003
Scott Pham
 SUMMARY: SMC Error while connecting to SVM through SMC enhance storage.13 Mar 2003
Sean Walmsley
 SUMMARY: temperature swings on Sun Blade 100008 May 2003
Sergey Tsyganenko
 SUMMARY: VxVM, VxFS, allowable number of mount points exceeded14 Mar 2003
Sergio Edo. Miranda
 SUMMARY: swap problem05 May 2003
Sevan / Venture37
 [Summary] SS20 VSIMM/SX FrameBuffer Problems09 May 2003
 SUMMARY:V480 systems23 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY : Network card Speed30 Dec 2003
Shane Hickey
 SUMMARY: high iowait with raid530 Jan 2003
Shane Kelly (AT/EEI)
 SUMMARY: Seagate ST336607LC Firmware24 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Short disk read14 Sep 2003
Shashank Bhide
 Summary: Raid manager utility14 Jul 2003
 Summary Re: "last" command problem07 Jul 2003
Shawn Evans
 SUMMARY: V880 - JNI - San Fabric - Arbitrary Loop14 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Double Carrage Returns.05 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY:Making Routing table entries permanent - scanned for virus15 Sep 2003
Shouben Zhou
 summary: ypbind takes so long to up11 Apr 2003
 Summary: SCSI error31 Mar 2003
 Summary: file server for MAC21 Jan 2003
 summary: sendmail question16 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Problem with permission modes of /tmp02 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Throughput Increase04 Jan 2003
Siert Zijl
 SUMMARY: process discovering25 Jan 2003
Simon Crowther
 Summary: Grep output's to my display from within a script.05 Jun 2003
 Summary: Solaris 7, wrong Broadcast addr on QFE card21 Feb 2003
Simon King
 SUMMARY: Ultra1 boot problem01 Nov 2003
Simon Kuhn
 SUMMARY: L9 Autoloader configuration21 May 2003
Simon Phillips
 SUMMARY: RSM 2000 Problems09 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Server very slow29 Jan 2003
Simran Hansrai
 SUMMARY: Re: Anonymous Ftp Server Setup20 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: Permanent Ip Change on Solaris 916 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: Routing question on Ultra 5s03 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: Shell Script to add multiple users with same password25 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY Re: Jumpstart howto question12 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: Solaris Installation Error30 Jan 2003
Sizemore, Joanna
 SUMMARY: Question on tar + another question06 May 2003
Skyrca, Nicole
 SUMMARY: error when trying to do a groupdel in a pkgrm20 Jan 2003
Smith Denise (esc1des)
 SUMMARY: Can't boot U1031 Oct 2003
Smith, Kevin
 SUMMARY: PCI Ultra 5 wont see diskpack24 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: T3 arrays & VxVM - Specialist question24 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Problem with bg process & SIGTTOU26 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris format command22 May 2003
Smith, William E. (Bill), Jr.
 SUMMARY: Strange FTP Server Behavior on Solaris 925 Nov 2003
 Updated SUMMARY:Groupadd not incrementing GID28 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY:Groupadd not incrementing GID28 Oct 2003
Smoko Mr Charles
 SUMMARY: query UFS parameters21 Nov 2003
 Summary: Multiple name changes09 Jul 2003
 Summary: RE: Configure le014 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Easy SYSLOG.CONF question19 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Combining user data from 2 machines to 118 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: : OT - zlib compile problem25 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: NTP - 2 questions29 Jan 2003
Spammers Must Die
 Re: [summary] SUN18G disks dropping like flies17 Feb 2003
Spurgeon, John P
 SUMMARY (Part 2): How to replace the Bourne shell with the Korn shell11 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: replacing the Bourne shell with the Korn shell09 Nov 2003
Sreedharan, Anil
 SUMMARY: cannot alloc NNNNNNNN bytes for lncntp24 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: IP numbers, netmasks and network numbers04 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: installing copper gigabit card25 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Re: installing copper gigabit card21 Feb 2003
Sridhar Vaka
 SUMMARY:Solaris Crash Dump Analysis13 Jan 2003
sridhara pk
 SUMMARY: CPU monitoring script with MRTG15 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: NIS slave updation problem26 May 2003
 SUMMARY: no space left on device03 Jun 2003
 Re: SUMMARY: NIS slave updation problem27 May 2003
 SUMMARY: /dev/null cannot create.22 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY cron daemon06 Jan 2003
Srikanth Muthyala
 SUMMARY:Root Password For Metadisk Partition07 Oct 2003
 Summary : Is There Any Known Problems With Sun Fire 280R24 Mar 2003
Sriman Kumaran
 Summary: Alternate boot disk on U1001 Oct 2003
 Partly Summary: StorEdge331014 Sep 2003
Srini Bala
 Summary : Ultra Sparc IIIi processors - comparison to Sparc III15 Apr 2003
Stacey Conrad
 SUMMARY: poppassd and solaris 908 Jan 2003
Steinhauer Jürgen
 SUMMARY:Installing Solaris on different machine05 Feb 2003
Stephen Barnett (DSL AK)
 RE: SUMMARY: Ultra-10 Model27 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Ultra-10 Model22 Apr 2003
Stephen Schaefer
 SUMMARY: V480 jumpstart from Linux boot server [UPDATE2]05 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: V480 jumpstart from Linux boot server [UPDATE]05 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: V480 jumpstart from Linux boot server04 Aug 2003
Steve Chapman
 FW: SUMMARY (Follow-Up): Scripting Jumpstart Client Additions10 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Scripting Jumpstart Client Additions10 Feb 2003
Steve Howie
 SUMMARY: Installing different release of Solaris - effects on reading older file systems?11 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: 300gb concatenation under Solaris24 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: creating a 300gb. concatenation under Solaris 7 w/disksuite24 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Concatenating and mirroring in a Sun Clister disk set03 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: NFS performance is lousy13 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Device name for printing on ultra-509 May 2003
 SUMMARY: can't read changes made to filesystem on XP 512 made by another system15 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Alternate path on SunFire V88005 Mar 2003
steve j. kondik
 SUMMARY: legato networker problems on solaris 906 May 2003
Steve Kou
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 LDAP client pam.conf problem16 Dec 2003
Steve Maher
 SUMMARY: e10k idn performance29 May 2003
Steve McNatton
 Summary: Sun 12k CPU failures05 Mar 2003
Steve Mickeler
 [SUMMARY] ISL with Brocade Silkworm 2800's08 Oct 2003
Steve Norton
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 patches breaks IPMP?06 Aug 2003
Stout, Noelette
 SUMMARY: CLOSE_WAIT connections06 Feb 2003
Stoyan Angelov
 Summary: sunray + linux - numeric keyboard not working01 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: console server recommendation19 Feb 2003
Stuart Little
 SUMMARY: solaris named secondary fails against WIN 2000 DNS server01 May 2003
Stuart Whitby
 Summary: Disabling rewind on close devices15 Jan 2003
 Summary: Java performance very slow compared to Windows20 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY:Problem mounting new Veritas Volumes10 Oct 2003
 Script for system configuration summary07 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Finding the controller information of A100007 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: NFS issue30 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: NFS issue30 Sep 2003
Sudheesh Krishnankutty
 Summary:Deleting one record from DLT09 Jan 2003
Sugan Moodley
 SUMMARY: EMC Storage attached to Solaris 9 on SF12k07 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Slice sizes and FS layout on OS drive08 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Strange environment variables22 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Remote Access restriction28 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Testing TCP ports with KSH17 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY : Banner page removal for long printernames22 Jan 2003
Sun Admin
 SUMMARY: TC Gateway17 Sep 2003
Sun Consultant
 SUMMARY: Global Find/Replace Question...13 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Does a Sun V880 have external FC/AL Port?06 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 Installation on Sun Ultra 223 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: GBIC Slot on Sun 4500?15 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Scanning Software for Solaris03 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: Adding NIS User Account Question13 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Enabling Largefiles Option VXFS11 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Memory Address not Aligned Message04 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY2: Changing machine type in EEPROM25 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Changing machine type in EEPROM25 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun Storedge A5200 GBIC Question23 Feb 2003
Sun List
 [LATE SUMMARY] Logical system partitions and Solaris 1011 Dec 2003
Sun Manager
 SUMMARY: Re: SUMMARY: Wacky VI/VIM Problem on Solaris29 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Wacky VI/VIM Problem on Solaris29 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Dual, Triple, or more Booting w/ Solaris Only10 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Veritas and Root Disk Setup03 Apr 2003
sun solaris
 Summary: Backing up large file12 Feb 2003
Sun System Admin
 SUMMARY: Solaris9 kernel patch 112233-0808 Aug 2003
Sun Tyro
 Updated Summary: Listing Tape devices?05 Mar 2003
 Summary: Listing Tape devices?04 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Belkin KVMs and Sun Rays (final?)15 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Belkin USB KVM with Sun Ray USB Keyboards11 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Outgoing packet errors10 Apr 2003
Sundaram Ramasamy
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 LDAP client pam.conf problem14 Oct 2003
 summary: Problem with send mail - .. Deferred: Name server:20 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY Re: multi line match regular expression13 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Shell script problem03 Mar 2003
 [SUMMARY] T3 Failover Cache Mode04 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Access limitations for web administrators23 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Ultra 1 and E220R max memory module size06 Jun 2003
 [SUMMARY] Ident server for Solaris 9.24 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY Sbus SCSI Cards don't recognize Disk's in 12 slot multipack!03 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Cloning disk with ufsdump/ufsrestore14 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Cloning disk with dd11 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Booting from a different disk06 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Simulating Network Latency - Revised08 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: can't ping IPs after server is rebooted08 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: SUCCESS!! Trying to connect USB Mouse on Ultra 8014 Oct 2003
Surinder Singh
 SUMMARY: How to insert newlines in XDM's greeting10 Sep 2003
Surya Challa
 SUMMARY: Solaris8 on SS5?05 Feb 2003
Swider, Bucky
 SUMMARY: E10K/Solaris 7 106541-21 performance problem26 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY (of sorts): SAN cabling software/spreadsheet21 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: $DISPLAY + ssh24 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Portable Sparc Workstation28 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: LVD SCSI for Sun280R21 Feb 2003
Taber H. Smith
 [SUMMARY] how to run fsck on corrupt drive08 Dec 2003
Tan Kian Chye
 SUMMARY: E420R Reboot - Uncorrectable Memory Error17 Dec 2003
 Summary : Memory Part and Serial Number13 Jul 2003 open failed: No such file20 Mar 2003
Teklu, Daniel
 SUMMARY: adding IDE hard drive28 May 2003
Terry Franklin
 reposted SUMMARY permissions changing "by themselves"03 Jun 2003
Thomas 'Mike' Michlmayr
 SUMMARY: minimum SW requirements for SF15K24 Jul 2003
Thomas Bader
 SUMMARY: problems compiling gcc 3.2.2 on solaris 914 Mar 2003
Thomas Carter
 SUMMARY: Help with DHCP/BOOTP11 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: E3500 Boot disk replace21 Feb 2003
Thomas Walter
 SUMMARY: Mirror Sites for (update)03 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Mirror Sites for sunfreeware.com03 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: telnet17 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: bzip217 Feb 2003
Thornton Prime
 SUMMARY2: Mounting ISO Images?13 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: Mounting ISO Images?06 Jan 2003
Tim Bingham
 SUMMARY: Veritas VM help connecting to an ESS?20 Aug 2003
Tim Chipman
 SUMMARY: Sep-24-03 Rec.Patch.Cluster on Ora8i e450-> Performance Hit Issue ?09 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: e3500 reboot after "fatal error FATAL" // CPU address controller issue (??)09 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Q: [Oracle 8i e450 UFS] Solaris8->9 upgrade: Performance Boost?- Real World Experience ?05 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY(2): 130gig file, poor filesystem access performance ..22 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: 130gig file, poor backup performance & high IOWaits09 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: (Ancient posting) Gig-Ether NIC CPU utilization on single CPU/SMP systems?27 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Phoenix Web Browser Binaries for Solaris23 Jan 2003
Tim Evans
 SUMMARY (Not): PHP-Nuke and SunOne Web Server07 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Live UPgrade of CD2 of 2?08 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Key(board) Repeat Lost in All X Apps26 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Solstice (Legato) Backup Index Inconsistencies24 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Apache Segfault in Solaris 905 Jan 2003
Tim Hespe
 Summary: Tape drive problems.06 Aug 2003
 Correction: Summary - Adding tape drive.07 Jan 2003
 Summary - Adding tape drive.07 Jan 2003
 Summary - Partial Sunfire V880 Dynamic Misconfiguration Problem06 Jan 2003
Tim Kirby
 Summary: RSC Connectivity and Usage20 Nov 2003
Tim Mohler
 SUMMARY: mpstat - CPU contention or kernel thrashing?04 Mar 2003
Tim Thomas
 Summary FC HBA for SF 480030 Jan 2003
Timothy Arnold
 SUMMARY: multiple loghosts03 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Breaking Ultra 10 with Solaris Tip20 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Sendmail ignoring "smarthost" ?25 Sep 2003
Timothy Lorenc
 SUMMARY: OpenSSH HowTo05 Feb 2003
Tobias Koch
 SUMMARY: MPXIO with JNI FC64-106320 Nov 2003
Todd Herr
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 - chroot jail problem17 Nov 2003
Tom Davis
 SUMMARY: VxVM 3.5 patch and VxFS 3.5 MP1 rolling patch25 Jul 2003
Tony Howat
 SUMMARY: ufsdump via ssh31 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: EXABYTE 8200 on 280R15 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Cloning a system with fiber channel SDS mirrored bootdisk22 May 2003
Tony Magtalas
 Summary: 40 GB Seagate disk drive seen as 6.8 GB disk in Ultra 1003 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Problem with latest kernel patch 108528-23 - pmemtest fails: FATAL mem: "Unable to read pointer to memlist structure"?04 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: How to get Sun Solaris certified?13 Jun 2003
 Summary: How to run 2nd video card on a Ultra 5 (PGX-32)15 May 2003
Tony van Lingen
 [summary] patch install fails - checkinstall cannot open file09 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: Disksuite 4.2.1 replica/mirror problem17 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Equinox/ELS-16 Terminal Server Issues05 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 ypserv -- client question29 May 2003
Trent Petrasek
 SUMMARY: kernel statistics, swap and real memory, vminfo23 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: u60 Red State Exception07 Apr 2003
Trinh, Linh T. [C]
 SUMMARY: Telnet banner07 Nov 2003
Truax, Bruce (COMFIN, VFS, Consultant)
 Summary: Looking for information on keys.12 Nov 2003
Tuan Quan
 SUMMARY: change user's shell in NIS+ with adminsuite09 Jun 2003
Tyler Hardison
 SUMMARY: Changing scsi host ID Sun Storedge PCI Dual Ultra325 Sep 2003
Tyrone Baseck
 Summary: Solaris for Dummies27 Jun 2003
 Summary:Spaces in SSH traffic03 Apr 2003
 Summary: OT:Script Help30 Mar 2003
 Summary:Ultra10 on Home network30 Mar 2003
 Summary: submirror too small to attach24 Mar 2003
 Summary:Problem Installing Sol 802 Mar 2003
 Summary: PC as a console to Ultra1026 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: OT: Awk script specific to Solaris Box27 Jan 2003
 SUMMARY: TWO NIC on SUN Box15 Jan 2003
Ungaro, Matt
 SUMMARY Solaris 8 disk slice 0 need to import into VxVM.22 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: SSH Problem --WITH NEW PROBLEM--27 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Determin Solaris "Update" version31 Jan 2003
 Summary: I/O error on /export/home30 Oct 2003
Vahid Moghaddasi
 SUMMARY: V480 disk and WW number issue12 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: Appending to /var/adm/messages23 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: peer-to-peer fiber connection15 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Password synchronization17 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9's Disksuite23 Feb 2003
Vaidya, Maulik
 SUMMARY: mounting windows share on solaris through samba12 Mar 2003
 RE: Summary; difference bt runleve s/S and 113 Feb 2003
 Summary; difference bt runleve s/S and 112 Feb 2003
Vandevegt, James Matthew (Jim)
 [Summary] OT: Looking for Web-based Bulletin Board / Forum software12 Nov 2003
Varakantam, Vikram
 Resolution summary for Error using JASS with Solaris 922 May 2003
Vaughn, Nathaniel (N-DCT Systems)
 SUMMARY: problem: Solaris 8 sparc using cdrecord + volmgt24 Sep 2003
Vic Engle
 SUMMARY: Connecting to fibre channel tape drives05 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: SAN Storage best practice05 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Clarification: Script question19 May 2003
Vichnevetski, Alexei
 SUMMARY: something is wrong with tar12 Jun 2003
Vijay Raghavan
 Resolution summary for IP address problem22 May 2003
Vincent Cojot
 SUMMARY: final BETA patch: scsiinfo-4.7 with qus and qlc support.28 Nov 2003
Vincent Detzel
 SUMMARY : binary file editing using standard tool ?19 Sep 2003
Vincent Ribeaud
 SUMMARY:How to change a locked account ?20 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Changing IP address in SunOs 5.615 Sep 2003
 SUMMARY: Programs/scripts to perform security checks25 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: 2GB file limit for account17 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Changing DNS & NTP servers13 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: Security patch alerts for SunOS06 May 2003
 SUMMARY: Gathering stats on a system28 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Display tape drive path ** RESEND **17 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Display tape drive path17 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Changing network info manually13 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Cannot telnet or FTP to box, but can ssh03 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Removing password expiration in SunOS 5.628 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Finding the vendor of the nic19 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY (no sumary) how to discover the hardware pluged on to my sun machines14 May 2003
 SUMMARY how to check scripts within a package21 Feb 2003
Wade VanBuskirk
 SUMMARY: Ultra 5 solaris 9 IDE 160GB27 Feb 2003
Waheeb Abader - MWeb
 SUMMARY : failed md disk05 Aug 2003
Walse Chen
 [Summary] store passoward01 Jul 2003
 [Summary] NT NFS24 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY:filesystem question15 May 2003
 SUMMARY:X server start for headless server01 May 2003
Walter Heukels
 SUMMARY: Syslog messages sent to loghost more than once09 May 2003
Wanke Matthias
 Summary: TCP_KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT - where are the counters and stats for an active session kept?05 Jun 2003
 Summary: Using SUNs ISO Images without toasting cd's to install s olaris 9! ?27 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: Problem with uninstalling vxvm07 May 2003
Warr, John
 SUMMARY:Uname and Patch Updates24 Oct 2003
wee_khiang TAY
 Summary: Mirroring on Storedge 331020 Oct 2003
 SUMMARY: ESCape key in vi02 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: vi problem[1]10 Mar 2003
Westerdale, John
 Summary: V880 and FTP freezes03 Sep 2003
Wianecki, Christopher
 Summary: $HOME environment12 Dec 2003
 SUMMARY: RM6 (6.22.1) "Unable To Scan Module"26 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: Live Upgrade27 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: Some NOTICE in messages file on E450027 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: E3500 how to mirror FC root drive13 Feb 2003
Wimmer, Jeffrey
 SUMMARY: How do I read a tape tarred on HPUX25 Feb 2003
Wolfgang Schwurack
 SUMMARY: slow boot up04 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: slow boot up10 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY:Re: error with jbconfig29 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY: SunPCi26 Jun 2003
 SUMMARY: patch Berkeley DB30 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: log to file27 Feb 2003
 Summary: route add -host04 Feb 2003
Wood, Lawrence N
 SUMMARY: forcing a network card to 100 full duplex27 Aug 2003
 SUMMARY - Arbitrary(?) start of OpenWindows11 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: inetd28 Mar 2003
 Summary: Sun Blade 2000 is nfs home and slips into power save mod e...24 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: TechSource Raptor GFX75026 Feb 2003
wsfsdfsd fewrfrefer
 SUMMARY:A script to show memory install on server09 Jan 2003
Ximo Domenech
 SUMMARY: sudo vs RBAC06 Nov 2003
 SUMMARY: Sun Management Center Modules28 Oct 2003
Yakov Lerner
 SUMMARY: mouse (and color) support for vim in xterm03 Apr 2003
Yar Baily
 SUMMARY: Generic SCSI vs SUN Brand Hard Disk21 Jul 2003
Yong S. Yi
 SUMMARY: Symmetric E220R / StorEdge A5200 configuration for shared disksets22 Jan 2003
Yura Pismerov
 SUMMARY: metadb question03 Jul 2003
 SUMMARY: Spectralogic library and Legato04 Apr 2003
 SUMMARY: gigabit UTP and trunking ? (again)19 Mar 2003
 SUMMARY: gigabit UTP and trunking ?18 Mar 2003
Zaigui Wang
 Summary: Jumpstart SunFire 280R: NFS server not responding16 Oct 2003
 Summary: native ldap and sudo11 Sep 2003
 Summary: array in ksh06 Aug 2003
 Summary: get the last line in a file that matches a pattern with sed31 Jul 2003
 Summary: native Solaris ldap authentication with AD directory service02 Jun 2003
 Summary: jumpstarting V880 with ge001 May 2003
 Summary: Solaris package modification and revalidation18 Apr 2003
 Summary: Sun hardware for printer server -- Recommendation?02 Apr 2003
 Summary: Update: Solaris password - about three-letter difference27 Feb 2003
 SUMMARY: RE: Comparing two date strings: any easy way?22 Jan 2003
 Summary: grep and show full path24 Jun 2003
Öberg Mats
 SUMMARY: SunOS4.1.3 and facls03 Mar 2003

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