SUMMARY: Snap Clone HowTo

From: Dave Warchol <>
Date: Tue Apr 08 2003 - 15:34:16 EDT
Thanks to Adam Zimmerman and Bertrand Hutin for responding:

>From Bertrand:

what I did once for backup purpose was using BCV to make a copy of
(including Sybase Raw volumes) then remount them on the backup server.
The mains steps were:
   On the main server:
   Associate a BCV to the disk to be copied
   Stop the database
   umount file systems
   export the Veritas volume group
   detach the BCV
   import the Veritas volume group
   remount file systems
   restart the database
   On the backup server
   import Veritas volume group
   mount the filesystems
   do the backups
   umount file systems
   export the Veritas volume group
   free the BCV
   On the main server:
   reassociate the BCV
>From Adam:

EMC sells a product called SanCopy that does this.

The "big picture":

We are looking at the SANCopy product now.  There are two CLARiiON
arrays, a production host attached to primary with SYBASE 12.0 DB (raw
partitions) mirrored across to a secondary array using MirrorView.  The
2-nd array is for disaster recovery.  DB is quiesced on production so
that a Snapshot can be taken off the mirror on the 2-nd array.  Database
is releasehold.  SANCopy is then used to copy the Snapshot to (refresh)
4 different  areas:
- LUN's on primary array that will be attached to DB reporting server
- LUN's on primary array that will be attached to two DB test systems
(host) , and,
- LUN's on the secondary array that a host can attach to run DBCC's
SANCopy is a new product, release early March '03, we're working
through the issues, not sure what really works yet.  SANCopy could solve
the problem of a LUN not being able to be associated with both a Mirror
and a Clone group.  A big question mark is what needs to be done with
the SYBASE servers (states of) relative to connecting to the copies (can
they be in a quiesced state while the refresh happens or do they need to
be offline?).


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Hello Everyone:

Slightly off topic.  We are in the process of trying to get a BCV 
of a selective Sybase databases (version 12.0) using Veritas and EMC
Clariion software and hardware (CX600) from one server to another. 
anyone compiled a step by step process to accomplish this process?
Sybase servers are running on SUN, Solaris 7.  Enginerring White Paper
P/N BD51645/REV1 from EMC has basic info form  specifics are in short
supply.  Any direction or help would be appreciated.
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