SUMMARY: X11 forwarding with ssh-3.2.0 under Solaris 8

From: Levent Demiroers <>
Date: Mon May 19 2003 - 11:48:18 EDT
Dear Managers,

I posted a question with the above subject some time ago (Tue Jul 2 10:20:26
2002) and never got an answer. But since I am getting questions from people from
time to time querying hoe I solved that problem if at all, I'll summarize my

In my case, reconfiguring ssh-3.2.0 with the option --without-x11-security and
rebuilding it solved the issue. But this is surely not a solution to those error
messages. A while ago, I got this information:

> I tracked down the problem a bit in the source code and found that
> somehow ssh looses the authentication of the A-B connection in the
> revamped code (compared to 2.4) of the authentication subroutines.
> We commented out the respective error checks, then it worked, but
> sometimes spoils connections of other users. The only thing to do
> is either go back to 2.4, or change to openssh, and, of course,
> report and complain at

If anyone has an explanation for this I'd appreciate his/her comments.

regards, Levent

Original post:

> Dear list members,
> we upgraded recently to Solaris 8 and ssh-3.2.0. Basically, everything seems
> to work fine, if I open a ssh connection from my localhost to any other, X11
> forwarding is no problem.
> But if I chain the ssh commands (first ssh-ing to one host and from there
> doing a ssh to a third host), I get following error message when trying to
> open a X program:
> warning: X11 auth data does not match fake data.
> warning: X11 auth data does not match fake data.
> X connection to foo:18.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).
> Anyone out there who could help?
> Thanks in advance

 Levent Demiroers      
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