SUMMARY-REDUX: User not showing up.....

From: Jon Hudson <>
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 19:08:59 EDT
So the original problem was that after logging into a server with
openssh, the user would not show up using either "w" or "who". Only
after waiting about 60sec would the user show up.

Further investigation showed that it was /var/adm/utmpx that was not
updating in a timely matter.

What is somewhat interesting is that testing showed that telnet, would
not actually let you log into until utmpx was updated, where openssh
would just let you log in right away, allowing utmpx to take its time to

The problem as it turned out what the ipaddr of the dns server in
/etc/resolv.conf was incorrect. So any look-ups were failing after a
timeout. After fixing this simple issue, the problem went away. Utmpx is
now updating immediately and telnet logs in right away (or did before I
shut it off again).

While my initial issue is solved, I know why users were not showing up
after log in, I am curious about what this has shown.

I'm surprised that utmpx does not update till the lookup fails. I'm
further surprised that telnet makes you wait till utmpx has been
updated, but openssh does not. Thus leaving a window of time where a
user is essentially invisible.

So while the answer was simple, and I'm a bit embarrassed for not
realizing this, the results are a bit odd.

Once again thanks to

Mark Cain
Donald Mayers
Darren Dunham
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