SUMMARY: Re: Solaris x86 & VPC

From: Gwendolynn ferch Elydyr <>
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 13:08:56 EDT
A number of folks chimed in with useful information, but the winning
direction comes from:

Jeff Woolsey <>

Look here:

55 Operating Systems On A PowerBook

Many thanks go to Tim Chipman <>'s research about

-this link,
mentions something of interest:

-non-free emulator alternative to Ex-ConnectixVirtPc, - skanky? I hear b/c it is based on an open
source core and maybe some performance issues?

-the open source thing that the above critter is based on, "bochs", - lists some interesting
x86 emulation options, some still very actively being developed.

apparently, linked from above page, "Dosbox" (intended to play old dos
games of course) is available for many platforms including MacOSX
also sounds interesting,, "but not quite there yet" is  - looks ideal but the OSx version
is "underway but not completed"

... and Jef <jef_umd@umd.umihipman>'s comment:

I just had a friend check, and an install of linux that he has running
on VPC reports the processor as "ConnectixCPU" - I'm pretty sure that
Solaris is seeing something like this as well, causing it to fail.


On Wed, 7 Jul 2004, Gwendolynn ferch Elydyr wrote:
> I recently tried to install either Solaris 9 x86 or Solaris 10 x86 under
> the Virtual PC emulator on Mac OSX 10.3.4.
> Solaris does start the boot process correctly, but errors out with:
> 	486 processor detected.
> 	(This processor is not supported by this release of Solaris.)
> 	Type any key to continue
> To the best of my knowledge, Virtual PC emulates pentium-class machines.
> Unfortunately, Microsoft recently purchased Virtual PC, making it much
> harder to obtain any support or information about non-Microsoft platforms.
> I'd appreciate suggestions on how to move past this error.

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