[Summary] a clone panics on vfs_mountroot

From: Jacques Beigbeder <Jacques.Beigbeder_at_ens.fr>
Date: Fri Dec 31 2004 - 04:00:32 EST
Question was:
	I installed Solaris 9, and patches, and softwares,
	and printers and ... on a first Sun Blade 150.
	Then I cloned this installation to a second Blade 150:
	This second Blade fails to boot:
  	Cannot assemble drivers for root /pci@1f,0/ide@d/disk@0,0:0
  	Cannot mount root on /pci@1f,0/ide@d/disk@0,0:0 fstype ufs

  	panic[cpu0]/thread=140a000: vfs_mountroot: cannot mount root

The answer is:	setenv boot-device disk
           or:	setenv boot-device disk:a

The workstation was configured with a boot-device as disk:f
(some installation CD), so I wanted to correct and I set:
	setenv boot-device disk:0
(may be because nowadays slice are s0, s1, and so on).
Then the station loads the kernel but displays the message
	Cannot assemble drivers for root /pci@1f,0/ide@d/disk@0,0:0
A missing check somewhere? I'm allowed to set this, but it fails...

Thanks to:
	John Dewey
	Michael Horton
	Andris Martmne
	Drew Skinner

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