Summary: Graceful shutdown when there is ups is getting drained

From: RaghuNath L(Raghu) <LRaghuNath_at_Lucent.Com>
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 02:19:19 EDT
Hi Managers ,

Most of the people using APC UPS suggested powechute for this pupose, 
Multilink used for Librent UPS ( ours in MGE , i don't think so it fits in)

But most other respondents pointed me to, Gnu networkupstool.

here is URL :

I also got a suggestion send PWR signal to init ( don't know how to do that)

I thank  Hicheal Morton,Gleen T Colby , John Douglass, Thomas M Payerle, 
Allan west , Chuck, Dave stern , Scoot cooper,Tim Chipman,John Andrews 
and Simon Burr for thier valueble time .

Lucent Technologies 

>On Tue, 05 Oct 2004 17:41:16 +0530, RaghuNath L(Raghu)
><> wrote:
>>Hi Managers,
>>Bit of offtopic question
>>Do you guys know any producrt which can initiate a graceful shutdown
>>when ever UPS is running out of steam ?
>>Please let me know if you know / implimented any other work around for
>>graceful shutdown.
>>SDE Team
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