SUMMARY: V240, qfe NIC and network boot

From: Remy Zandwijk <>
Date: Sun Feb 08 2004 - 11:48:33 EST
[ Original question below ]

The suggestions where 'what is local-mac-address set to?'. It
was set to true by default. This is the first Sun machine I see
on which this setting was true by default. I switched it to false
and I could boot through the qfe0 interface.

Strange thing however: when the setting was true, all test commands
resulted in that was no connectivity on the interface (which was
absolutely not true) and sometimes I got 'Out of memory'.

Thanks to:

	Joon H
	Philip M Grisedale
	J. Oquendo
	Angelo Lamera
	Bertrand Hutin
	Darren Dunham

Remy Zandwijk

> I have an new V240 in which I installed a Quad Fast Ethernet interface
> (tried both PCI 0 and PCI 1). When doing:
>         boot /pci@1d,700000/pci@1/SUNW,qfe@0,1
> in the boot prom, it says:
>         Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet
> The link light on the ethernet port is on and when trying the same
> UTP cable on the bge0 interface, it just boots like a charm. The
> cable is attached to a Cisco 3548 switch and I tried all the obvious
> settings (100/full, 10/half, auto/auto. Fast port is enabled).
> Why does the V240 not boot from the qfe interface?
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