SUMMARY: hostids on F15K

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Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 11:38:09 EDT

Ok. I'm a muppet. The correct braincell woke up about 30 seconds after I
sent the 

On this domain the hostid is a function of the MAC address on dman0. The
number is just the hostid represented in decimal. I've checked the app and
it's getting 
back the correct serial number.

I've still no idea why it doesn't like the license however.

Back to the app vendors.

Thanks to messrs Riddick and McDaniel for their speedy replies. And is it
me or has the 
holiday season started early?



---------------------------- originally


Got one here for the experts on the big toys.

We have an app running of an F15K domain. The app is licensed against
hostname and 
hostid. These values are obtained via "hostid" and "uname -n".
 Easy enough
so far.

The problem is that we've just built a new domain and the licenses provided
(we had 
several attempts) never work. The difference between the new domain and the
working instance is that the new one does all it's networking via a couple
of Cassini 
cards (ce gigabits) whereas the old one had these plus a QFE card. 

I can't recall exactly how a 15K domain picks up it's hostid value.

I'm also wondering if the app licensing software is picking up the eri card
used for 
backplane comms.

I've tried to truss the licensing steps and it looks like the software
calls sysinfo and gets 
SI_HW_SERIAL. The number is comes back with doesn't look anything like the
hostid so 
I'd like to know where this value comes from.

If anyone can tell me how these components may interact I'd appreciate it.
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