SUMMARY: failed to boot after jumpstart ??

From: Andy Ford <>
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 01:58:48 EDT
This was exactly the issue.
I did a set-defaults and a reset-all from the OBP and it has continued
with the jumpstart.

Thanks to all who responded


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From: Joe Kabbabe <>
To: Andy Ford <>
Subject: RE: failed to boot after jumpstart ??
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 11:00:42 -0700

At the OK> prompt, type 'printenv' and if the value of 'diag-switch?' is true, then check the value of 'diag-file'.  If the value of 'diag-switch?' is false, then check the value of 'boot-file'.  Try 'set-defaults', then 'reset-all'.

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From: Andy Ford []
Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2004 4:33 AM
Subject: failed to boot after jumpstart ??

Hi everyone

I am trying to jumpstart a V120 with Solaris 9 4/04.
The jumpstart gets as far as the finish script, it then reboots and
comes up with the following message....
Rebooting with command: boot 
Boot device: disk:a File and args: ""
boot: cannot open ""
Enter Filename [""]:

What am I missing?
And which file is it looking for?


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