SUMMARY: Console between two E450's

From: Thomas Cannon <>
Date: Mon Jan 05 2004 - 15:39:27 EST
Thomas Cannon said:

> Hi folks.
> I am trying to ssh into one E450, and go out of it's serial port, and into
> the serial console of the other. I have a null modem cable running between the
> machines (plugged into the A/B port on each). What happens, though, when I run
> tip? Not much. From what I understand, running "tip hardwire" should make the
> connection (and it does indeed say "connected") but I do not get a login prompt
> on the second machine.
> What confuses me slightly is the dual-purpose A/B serial port. Am I supposed to
> be using the port labeled "//" instead? 
> I'm sure I'm missing some simple detail... getting console from a PC is pretty
> simple. Why isn't this working, though?

It turns out that I need a special cable to actually reach the "B" serial port
(which is the outgoing one). A great write-up about it is here:

And the cable is Sun part number X985A or 530-1869 which is going from $30-60+
depending on where you look. The pinout can be found here:

This is it, here:

Thanks to all who responded, especially Dave Gagliardi and Christopher Bernard.



> Thanks in advance,
> Thomas
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