SUMMARY: Sun IP configuration

From: ALLEN, David <>
Date: Mon Oct 04 2004 - 11:58:32 EDT

Thanks for all your help. In the end I fixed the problem with the "sledge
hammer" approach by having a range of IP addresses set up in the firewall.

However, other more subtle solutions suggested by people much clever than me

1. using the "depreacated" option in ifconfigure
2. Add a route statement for the specific network that is blocked pointing
packets out bge13.
3. Edit the Listen option in http.conf
4. Use the UseCononical in http.conf ( below)
5. swapping /etc/hostname.bge0 and /etc/hostname.bge0:1

Thanks for all your help.I was knocked out by getting so many replies.


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	Well I think as long as you use UseCanonical Yes in the
httpd.conf and have a hostname associated with bge0:1 and the ServerName
is thathostname it should work fine.


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> Hi,
> I wonder if someone can help. I will try and simplify a very 
> complicated
> problem....
> We have a Sun V250 configured with several IP addresses and 
> Apache. When
> Apache posts data it is sent from the primary ip address, which
> unfortunately is being blocked by a company firewall. 
> Consequently I wish to
> use the second IP address which has a route thro' the firewall.
> All the ip addresses are showing up with ifconfig -a, with 
> the primary as
> bge0 and a second as bge0:1. Can you change the "primary" 
> address so Apache
> will pick up the correct one?
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> David
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