[SUMMARY] APC Smart-UPS serial link with Netra X1

From: Peter Eacmen <peacmen_at_nexaweb.com>
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 19:14:15 EDT
The rule of thumb I found out was to never use any serial line except TXD,
RXD, and GND.  If you try to connect any of the others you run into problems
(since the DCD line does not exist in 8-pin rj45 serial).  If you connect
these three lines and it does not work then reverse RXD and TXD (I made this
mistake).  It is kind of confusing since the DB9 female connector from the
UPS is labeled RXD and TXD my first thought was to connect the RXD to TXD
and visa versa.  But this is not the case.

So the pin mapping for an RJ45 serial to the female end of an APC 940-0024C
(where the male end is plugged into actual UPS), is the following:

RJ45       DB9F (of the 940-0024C)
----       -----------------------
2(RXD)     2(RXD)
3(TXD)     3(TXD)
4(GND)     5(GND)

If you attempt to connect any other pins, you will run into problems.  And
you need to make sure that none of the other pins get shorted.  In hindsight
the above solution seems really easy, but its very easy to get confused with
the multitude of pinout diagrams that are out there.

Thanks to Thomas M. Payerle for links to the pinout diagrams.

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