SUMMARY: VNC & Solaris key behaviour

From: Andrew Garnett <>
Date: Thu May 20 2004 - 06:59:31 EDT
[original mail below]

I managed to work this out, so I thought I'd log a
summary for posterity.

Since my "@" key was being recognised correctly by the
X sessions (shown by xev), it was obviously a problem
in the way that the terminals were treating the
So I did an stty and found that the settings were kill
= @ and intr = ^?  which was why the keys were
screwed. These were picked up by default in the VNC
session, but not on the console.
Just a simple stty sane corrected these, so I've just
got to work on the permanent settings and set it up
Back to work.

I have a V880 under Solaris 8 running VNC server with
the CDE desktop, and I'm viewing it with a VNC viewer
running on a windows PC.
The display is mostly excellent, but I can't get the
"@" key to behave. I hit the "@" key while in xterm or
dtterm, but it just doesn't show up. It seems to clear
any previous text. 
Control-c doesn't break in. (but these work OK when
seated at the console). 

I loaded the X event tester, which told me that it
recognised the incoming keycode & keysym as being the
"at" character (and even showed it as @), so I can't
understand what I need to make it appear.

Anyone done this successfully ?

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