summary: root disk crashed!!!!

From: ashish madhavan <>
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 13:49:49 EDT
hi all,

i have solved the issue with the suggestions provided by  Andres
Martinez  & a late suggestion on similar lines by mr joe..... i am also
greatful to Ric Anderson who had a nice suggestion but the first method
worked so i cldnt try out the one provided by him....also i was
pleasently surprised by number the replies i got..thanx to all..the
solution is as foll:

recover from backup aditionally you must

1) boot from CDROM
2) mount root partition (for example under /a)
3) rm /a/etc/path_to_inst
4) rm /a/dev/dsk/c*
5) rm /a/dev/rdsk/c*
6) devfsadm -r /a -p /a/etc/path_to_inst then "reboot"

thanx n regards



hi all,

i am having an E3500 sun server with solaris 8 (patch level 12) with a
D1000 sun storedge attached to it....the root disk of this server having
/,swap,/var & /export/home has crashed.

i am trying to restore the same from my backups which was taken in
multiuser mode with all the users logged off & no activity on the disk
during the period.

 i am doing restoration by booting through the  sun cdrom in single user
mode & restoring it through "ufsrestore rvf".

now my new disk is getting detected at " probe-fcal-all" & also while
booted through cd but on loading through the root disk on which all data
was recenly backed up,the following happens:

1.>it starts loading the os

2.>shows hostname

3.>then gives errors like

c0t0d0s1 not found

c0t0d0s0 not found , these are my swap & root partitions respectively.

then it comes to single user mode and asks for passwd:

here it accepts my old root passwd but on giving " format" command it
shows me the six harddisks on my D1000 but the local hard disk is not
shown....& the booting process stops & doesnt proceed further.


# cd /dev/dsk

#ls -l

shiows the entries made on todays i had given boot -r...i have
also tried restoring from a backup taken 6 months back the effect being
the same.

this server being an NIS client many users are being affected by it .....
any suggestions are welcome.

i will summarise

thanks n regards



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