SUMMARY A1000 has lost partitioning information

From: Shin <>
Date: Sun Mar 21 2004 - 16:04:49 EST

Thanks to Paulus Tamba and Darren Dunham for their replies.

Darren said that this should not have happened and that if I couldnt
fsck or mount the remaining s2 then something bad had happened.
Unfortunately I was not able to do this and I was able to get no
data back from s2.

Paulus asked if I had done a boot -r/reconfigure; I had done this.

I've bitten the bullet and gone back to tape backups; which are a
few days behind. I'll be addressing doing backups over weekends as
well for future consideration. We currently do a backup each night;
the last backup was on friday night and the disk died during the
backup cycle on monday night. I had assumed that the raid 5 setup
would save me in such a situation. I didnt figure on loosing the
data on that.

As to what happened to my filesystem on s6 and s7 - I have no idea.


Original question follows:

On Thu, Mar 18, 2004 at 09:40:40PM +0000, Shin wrote:
> I have a A1000 (12x18Gb disks) connected to a U5/diff SCSI
> card. It was setup as a raid 5, with 1 hot spare and I went with the
> default (?) 1 big LUN setup on c1t0d0s2 of approx 170Gb
> I had then created 2 slices of approx equal size on c1t0d0s6 and
> c1t0d0s7. I'm assuming thats what I did as this was a long time ago
> and I don't quite recall what did; but the /etc/vfstab on the system
> disk seems to bear this out.
> Recently the system disk on the U5 failed. It was possible to boot
> it and it would come up occassionally but was definetely on its way
> out. So I installed another system disk, installed Raid Manager 6.22.1 and
> patch 112126-09. 
> Running rm6 shows me 1 LUN as above; but when I run format my
> slices/partitions have gone and only s2 is show. No s6 or s7. I'd
> very much like to recover the data on those 2 partitions (backups
> are 2 days alas). There were standard solaris 8 UFS filesystems with
> logging created on each partition.
> I tried booting from the old disk; which does work sometimes and
> that shows me exactly the same thing. Has the new installation
> overwritten my partitioning setup and filesystems?
> Is there someway I can create those slices and recover the data on
> each filesystem or is there some clever A1000/RaidManager utility
> that will do this for me. 
> Any sort of recovery hints (other than go to backups :-) gratefully
> accepted. Can I get the data back from c0t0d0s2 in some way?
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