SUMMARY: Configuring an application in a SUN CLUSTER 3.0

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Date: Sun Aug 15 2004 - 23:41:27 EDT
Thanks to All who responded.

But the solution given by Dragos Stoichitescu worked. The solution is as

On any of the two nodes:

first you need to create the resorce type; the command to do this should
look smth like this:

scdscreate -k -V SUN -T XCLOCK

Then you should create the resource package; the command to do this
should look smth like this:

scdsconfig -s "/path_to_application_start_script" -t
"/path_to_application_stop_script" -m
It's a goo idea to keep the rtconfig file (mv rtconfig SUNXCLOCK/ ); Now
in SUNXCLOCK/pkg you should have got a package for your resource

Install the obtained package on both nodes !!

pkgadd -d name_of_the_package

Register the resource in the cluster (to be done on only one node)

scrgadm -a -t SUN.XCLOCK

Create the resource group and then the resorce itself in the cluster (to
be done on only one node):

scrgadm -a -g resorce-group-name

scrgadm -a -j resource-name -g resource-group-name -t SUN.XCLOCK

Activate the resource

scswitch -e -j resource-name

Good luck !!

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Subject: Configuring an application in a SUN CLUSTER 3.0

Hello All,

We know HPUX clustering with MC/ServiceGuard. Using the same we had configured
the xclock command to be running in the failover mode.

We want to configure the same XClock command to run in failover mode in Sun

we want "/usr/openwin/bin/xclock -display <client-address>:0.0" command to run
in cluster environment.

Details : We want that when we start the resource group containing this
command, it should start the resource group on first node of the cluster and
the xclock should appear on my client (whose ip-address is given as an
argument in the command).

When i kill xclock displayed on my client, it should failover to the other
node, starting the resources group and displaying the xclock again on my

Currently we have configured the two node cluster, without any registered
resource groups . The scstat -v command gives us node online.

Please provide us the steps to achive the above mentioned.


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