SUMMARY: DLT4700 on Solaris9

From: John Bossert <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 23:36:46 EST
A particularly kind reader pointed me to:

which is a Nov-2003 guide to configuration of the 4700 with Solaris8/9.

Connection was straight-forward to the Netra, probe-scsi-all indicated 
the device was playing nicely in the SCSI sandbox.

There was some inconsistency as to whether Solaris9 requires 
modifications to the st.conf file (as in 2.6 and earlier) due to 
improvements in the st driver.  One reader said the st.conf file will be 
fine as is - one said to use the same 2.5/2.6 instructions.

One reader noted:

"One thing you *can* do with Solaris 9 that would have been much harder
back in the old days is control the robot.  You *should* be able
to get the robot on this guy going with sgen(7D) and mtx.

Build and install mtx, from"

So, tomorrow I get jiggy with Amanda...  Thanks, all.

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Subject: DLT4700 on Solaris9

I need to install an old DLT4700 on a Netra T1/105 running Solaris9.
All the docs I've found refer to Solaris 2.5 or 2.6 - Does anyone have a
cheatsheet or the like for setting this up?  Alternatively, any pointers
to "sufficiently current" documentation?  Thx - will summarize.

John Bossert
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