[SUMMARY] NFS mounting question

From: Stephen Moccio <svm_at_lucent.com>
Date: Sat Jul 24 2004 - 09:54:49 EDT
Thanks to Jeff Woolsey and Allan West for responding.

Jeff provided the best reasoning on why this didn't work.

> Hello all,
> I am stumped!
> Two machines hosta and hostb.
> In the dfstab file on hosta:
> share -F nfs root=hostb /sharedir

root= is not an option to share(1M).  The above is interpreted as ro= .  I
bit by
this one at least once.  What you want here is

share -F nfs -o root=hostb /sharedir

ro= and rw= also work in the -o list.  multiple things in -o are

> >From hostb:
> mount hosta:/sharedir /mnt --> works as expected.
> Back to hosta:
> share -F nfs root=hostb,rw=hostc /sharedir

If you're going to do this, the syntax is

share -F nfs ro=hostb:rw=hostc /sharedir

but I've already mentioned root=.  The man page for share(1M) makes this
ambiguous, since
multiple rw= and ro= clients are separated by colons, and multiple options
separated by colons.  I _hope_ it can make sense of this mess.

> >From hostb:
> mount hosta:/sharedir /mnt --> Permission denied.

because you only allow read-only access from a host called "hostb,rw=hostc",
doesn't exist, and hostb is not.

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