disksuite and vfstab summary

From: William M. Fennell <william.fennell_at_channing.harvard.edu>
Date: Tue Nov 23 2004 - 16:09:48 EST
Hi due to the high number of kind people who emailed me after I emailed 
my summary
I will resend it:
Thanks to everyone who Helped.  There were so many of  you your help on
this issue.  It's really great how many of you guys can help.

Booted into single user mode
mounted root disk's root slice on /a
used ed to change vfstab and system to comment any disksuite settings.
Then rebooted into single user mode
metadb -d to delete old db.
Then metaclear -a and
I ran metainit to re setup my mirrors.
metaroot d0
I metattached the metadevices to one way mirrors and rebooted.
Then after system came up metattached the second mirrors.
Again everyone thanks so much for all of the advice.
Thanks everyone.

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