SUMMARY: jetadmin and changing ip printer's

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Mon Jan 12 2004 - 03:25:17 EST
sorry for this late summary, i need to do some tests and i finish to find the matter:
IP adress was into my local DNS, and i forgot to change it, so even Ip adress is not hard coded into /etc/lp/interfaces/printerName, my print requests continued to try to access old IP and not the new one.

Thanks to all people, here is their helps:

Take a look in /etc/lp/printers/QUEUENAME/configuration                         

If you add the printers without using webjetadmin (works for jetdirects         
anyway) you end                                                                 
up with a line in the file like                                                 
Options: dest=10.xx.xx.189:9100,protocol=tcp,timeout=5                          
which you can then edit or modify using the lpadmin utility.                    

Thomas Stoffa:
In /etc/lp/interfaces/<queue name> there is a reference to                      
PERIPH=###.###.###.### (IP of printer)                                          
Whereas I never really tried this (I've also deleted and recreated the queue),  
+it would be interesting to see if changing that entry and re-enabling the queue
+would work.                                                                    

Cain, Allen:
We have had the same issues.  We change the IP address / hostname by            
modifying the PERIPH= line in the /etc/lp/interfaces file for the               
printer.  For instance, for a printer called test with an IP address of, edit /etc/lp/interfaces/test, search for the                         
"PERIPH=" and change the address there.  After you are                 
finished, save the file, then run 'disable test' and 'enable test' at           
the command line, and that should solve your problem.                           
If I'm not mistaken, some of the newer versions of hppi have the option         
to change the network device, but I'm not 100% sure.                            

Jaehne, Richard S:
I'ts been a long time since I had to do this, but I know jetadmin has a move    
queue functionality.  I would look fot that in the documentation.               

All I do when I change a printer's IP is issue:                                 
/usr/ucb/lpc restart prntXX                                                     
Sometimes, in rare circumstances, I have to cancel to first job in the          
At this point, the printer should have already resumed printing...              

Stan Pietkiewicz  :
Have a look at /etc/lp/interfaces/queue-name and look for a line                
"PERIPH=aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd". You should be able to change this to match the new    
IP address of the printer.                                                      
One other possibility is to change the IP address in the PERIPH= line to a      
printer name, and have the name resolved, either local in /etc/hosts, or via    
whichever naming service you use.                                               

Eugene Schmidt:
Quite a while since I did this:                                                 
cd /etc/lp/interfaces.                                                          
grep <IP> * */*                                                                 
Edit results                                                                    
cd /etc/lp                                                                      
grep <IP> Systems  (edit if required)                                           
grep <IP> /etc/hosts (edit if required)                                         
ps -ef|grep hpnpf  (?? ) kill if any                                            
Should work                                      

Zaigui Wang:
It is in /etc/lp/interfaces/printerName file.                                   
IPaddress/Hostname of the printer is hardcoded in that                          
file. Just modify the file and,possibly, restart the                            

On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 02:35:39PM +0100, Gerard Henry wrote:
> hello all,
> we use hp jetadmin E.0.18
> When we change ip adress of a printer, we can't print on this printer until we remove and re-create queue.
> i think there should be another possibility, i try to restart lpd without result.
> I thought hppi was just an interface to lpadmin, anybody knows where i can change IP without removing queue?
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