SUMMARY: Docs on SPARC station IPC

From: S.A. Birl <>
Date: Thu Mar 04 2004 - 17:05:39 EST
Thanks to everyone who email me.

I should have been more specific in my original post.  I know that the
eeprom has nothing to do with the failure to get a login prompt.

I was looking to reactive the 'help' command.  Since 'power-off' returns a
'?', I was looking for other commands to power down the system.  I was
trying recalling commands from my Ultra10 to try on the IPC.

Embarrassingly, I forgot all about 'boot -s'.  I dont blow up my Ultra10
enough to go into single-user mode.

Options I was emailed:

* STOP-N while booting should reset the eeprom
  (I say *should* because when I did it, the 'help' still doesnt help)

* Do "sys-unconfig" to make the system a blank system.
  (Didnt do this, but I'll keep it in mind)

* If it's an old SunOS 4.x then look at /etc/rc.local and comment out the
  offending lines, for Solaris look at the scripts under /etc/init.d/ and
  /etc/rc?.d/ plus edit /etc/nsswitch.conf appropriately.

* NVRAM info @
* Check out
* Check out

I have the root password and will blow away NIS.
And now that I have these websites to look at, I have some reading to do.

Thanks again!

As it was written on Mar 3, thus S.A. Birl typed:

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Original post:  Hello all:
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Original post:  Recently acquired a Sparc IPC that used to be part of a NIS/YP
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Original post:  When I boot, the machine tries to constantly connect to the NIS server,
Original post:  which no longer exists.
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Original post:  Hitting ENTER/RETURN does not get me a login prompt.
Original post:  STOP-A will get me the chevron (eeprom) but Im virtually helpless at that
Original post:  point:  help  returns "There's no help for the weary"
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Original post:  So my question is two-fold
Original post:
Original post:  1) How do I erase the eeprom?
Original post:     I assume that a previous admin mucked with it.
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Original post:  2) How do I get a login prompt without having to format the disk?
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Original post:
Original post:  And one last question:
Original post:  Where can I find some good docs about a Sparc IPC?
Original post: and Google werent much help.
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