SUMMARY: A1000 and space

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Mon Jun 21 2004 - 23:13:39 EDT
Hi Gurus,
First of all sorry for late summary. 
Thanks to all who replied to name a few:
Darren Dunham
Joe Kabbabe
Christopher Ferry
John Desousa
Mike Adams
paul Roetman
Nathan Dietsch
Sorry if i missed someone.
I tried all the things they suggested but no luck. I am posting their suggetions which might help someone else who face similar problem but for me unfortunately it didn't.
I am still waiting for new battery which i ordered to make sure caching isn't the issue.(I will summarize if it works)
Darren Dunham
The A1000 isn't likely to have anything to do with this.  It would be a
function of the filesystem.
Yes, that's pretty normal for UFS if you're using logging.  The deletion
is logged immediately, but it can take a bit of time to actually release
the space.It should appear in the 'df' output in a few seconds or so.  The same
thing happens with vxfs filesystems.
Anything *may* be wrong with the A1000, and that would have no effect on 
the behavior that you describe.  The OS is the one driving the 'df' 
output.   You may want to unmount the filesystem and run 'fsck' on it. 
Finally, deleting a file will have no effect at all if the file is still 
open (perhaps you've deleted a database or log file).  In that case, the 
'df' will not show the space until the file is closed or the application 
exits. The healthck should show battery information.  Are both power cables 
attached?  You'll get the light when only one is plugged in. 
Joe Kabbabe
1) Free space issue - If you are using the GUI to delete multiple files, it may be that because the OS doesn't immediately delete the files (it instead puts them in the trash folder), you might have to actually empty the trash to get the space back (as reported by 'df -k').
2) Maintenance light issue - In the rm6 application, if you open any of the applets and check the controller info, make sure that the controller thinks it is an 'A1000'.  This is NOT critical, it's informational only.  However, if the controller thinks it is anything but an 'A1000', you will sometimes get a maintenance light that won't turn off
Chirstopher Ferry
I've run into solaris not freeing blocks while a running process has an
open file handle.
Try restarting the application that might have had the files you
removed open at that time.
Just a guess.

John Desousa

Does the problem go away after a reboot? If it does it is more than likely that the file is still opened by another process - try using the freeware lsof command and see if this helps.

Mike Adams

My guess would be the problem is one of two things

     1) Filesystem corruption (check with fsck)
     2) Possible Battery failure (this would show an alert in raid
Well, usually when the battery dies, it reduces caching and
performance.. However if the battery were dead you would see the light
on the back of the array.. This is definitely an odd problem.

   Are the files you're removing open by an application? If the files
are open when they are deleted, the space will not be reclaimed until
the application has been stopped.

    Other than that, I've got no clue. I'd definitely recommend fsck, if
for nothing else than to rule out file system problems.


sounds to me like a caching issue. The main controller board might be
having problems, so while you are removing the files it may not be
physically removing them so you can only see the cached view of the A1000
(ie. the files are gone) but physically they are not gone. I hope this is
under some kind of maintenance, you should call Sun.

I could be wrong though, so see what other suggestions you get. I haven't
seen this particular issue before but this is what it sounds like to me


As a last resort, take the disk offline, and run fdisk....but only as a
last resort.

On a really large disk array, that can take hours...

Maybe see if you can run fdisk -n (to not fix anything) while it is
online - that may show up any physical errors.

Lastly, check the lost+found directory - the file may show up in there
before or after the fdisk

Nathan Dietsch

Are those files being held open by any processes when you delete them?
If so, they will not show as being deleted until the processes are stopped.

I hope this helps.

My original question was:

Hi Gurus,
I have a weired problem. I have A1000 setup as RAID 5 connected E 3500.
The problem i have is whenever i delete multuple files from A1000 Array
it doesn't show as Free sapce (df -k) of those deleted files at all. If
i delete one  file to A1000 it correctly updates/shows reduced size with
df -k.
I have Raid Manager 6.22.1 and OS is solaris 8 (108528-23) installed on
E 3500.
If i do healtchk -a it shows optimal.No Diks failure but still A100
maintenance light is on.
What could be the issue ?
Has anyone experienced this behaviour with A1000 Array with ufs file
Any help/suggetion/pointer will be greatly appreciated.
Will summarise.
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