SUMMARY: Enterprise System Management Freeware software

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Date: Tue Dec 07 2004 - 22:36:47 EST

Firstly Sorry for a late Summary, I have been on leave for past few 

I received a lot many replies within few minuted of my posting and the 
list of people who replied is too long to be mentioned out here, thanx to 
all of you. 
Most of them suggested to use NAGIOS (previously known as NetSaint) which 
is available under, is really very scalable and is 
being used widely across the globe. Another suggestion was to use 
BigBrother, (though its not free for 
commercial use, but economical and scalable).

Also got a very useful link mentioned below from 
which lists a lot of commercial and freeware softwares that can be used 
for System Management:

Thanx a lot to everyone who replied.

- Rajan

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Subject:        Enterprise System Management Freeware software


Firstly I am Sorry for being offtopic. 

I am looking for a freeware solution for Enterprise System Management so 
as to monitor the systems at our premises running various flavous of Unix 
like Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and Microsoft Windows Operating system. Any 
pointers for a freeware software to monitor the health of our systems 
would be highly appreciated. 

Thanx in Advance. 

- Rajan 
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