SUMMARY: A1000 Possibly Dead?

From: Jason Bufford <>
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 19:14:35 EDT
It appears that the A1000 isnt bad. My colleague was able to revive the
drives in the A1000 using the drivutil command. But while we were trying
to fsck & newfs the file system, the system went down. (Its at a remote
site in another state).

After much calling on the phone & gnashing of teeth, a user at the site
confessed that their pointy haired boss had been complaining that the
server and RAID were too noisy. Did the boss call us and ask us to do
something about the noise? Nope. He had a "PHB in training" physically
pull the plug on the rack to shut it up AS HE HAD DONE SEVERAL TIMES
BEFORE. (We had set the keylock position on the E420R to LOCKED and put
the key in a safe hoping that would deter this behavior). <SIGH>

Thanks to Tim Chipman & Alfredo Sola for some good info on RAID & how
they were providing RAID-like storage availability.

Now to send this email to the Shark Tank...


P.S. Anyone know of a rack with noise insulation built in? wrote:

 > Solaris 8 12/02
 > Sun E420R 4x450 CPUs (OBP 3.31.0)
 > 4 GB RAM
 > 1x A1000 Raid Array (12x Fujitsu SUN36G drives in RAID 5 configuration)
 > Raid Manager 6.22.1
 > The OS (dmesg) is reporting I/O errors writing to the device and when 
we do
 > a:
 > # drivutil i c2t4d0s4
 > It shows that the 9 of the 12 drives are Failed, 2 are Optimal 
and 1 is
 > Spare-Stdby.
 > Several questions:
 > 1 - Since the chances are that 9 drives didnt die all at once, is it 
a fair
 > assumption that the A1000 has died?
 > 2  If we bought a new A1000 and put the 12 drives from the old A1000 
in the
 > same spots on the new A1000 would we be able to recreate the RAID or 
is our
 > data pretty much toasted?
 > 3 - Is there a better solution than an A1000 for around the same cost?
 > (No Veritas, please).
 > Many Thanks!
 > Jason
 > P.S. I cant pull any screen dumps from the server since it is not 
connected to
 > the internet but
 >     I can hand type in any data that anyone asks for that may help.
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