[SUMMARY]: tcpwrappers & tftpd

From: dan cave <dan_at_deis.demon.co.uk>
Date: Fri Oct 01 2004 - 16:29:30 EDT
Just to summarise that I discovered shortly after posting that it was 
due to the tftp command which i issued on my client.

Not fully noticing that tftpd sets /tcpdboot as its "home" direcory I 
unknowing placed a /{pathname} before the file which i wanted to "put"

eg. c:\tftp <host> put 4690.conf /tmp/4690.conf

Simply removing the /tmp/ from the put command worked a treat. However 
there was a typo in my original post (nice work Crist J Clark for 
spotting that one- my bad after having tcpd on the brain...) /tcpdboot 
and not /tftpboot.

Also  Gerard Henry noticed a wierness in hosts.allow for the netmask 
after a host, I actually discovered during the setup of tcpd that the 
/32 notation after an IP address ( ) doesn't 
actually work and omitting everything after the host IP (/ onwards) 
actually works fine! As well as being *everything*  working 
which Gerard pointed out.

Thanks to all who emailed me with a reply, some close but no cigar sadly ;)



>I have a solaris 8 box, patched with latest patches and TCPwrappers
>tftpd is being controlled by tcpd. My problem is when I try to do a tftp
>get from a pc client of a file in /tcpdboot on the solaris box to test
>the functionality of tftpd (under tcpwrappers).
>The error message which I get on the PC client is: "Error on Server:
>Access Violation".
>I know that tcpwrappers works fine because tcpdmatch using hosts.allow
>and my windows client IP come back ok (allowed) and a tcpdump port 69
>gives me the connections coming in from the pc client, although i ge 5
>datagrams then the whole connection bails out.
>Does anyone know why this is so, ie why my tftp get doesn't work. i've
>also tried it using a tftp put from win client -> solaris box.
>I will summarise.
>dan cave
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